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Dublin School Board Ratifies Student Uniform Policy for 2017-18 School Year

April 1, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–This summer’s shopping list for Dublin parents has a new twist – school uniforms. Dress code policy has been a topic of controversy as long as there have been schools. Parents nationwide are familiar with skirt lengths determined by finger tips, bandanas banished to eliminate gang colors and mid-rifs relegated under crisply ironed uniforms.

Changes to Dublin’s dress code policies in recent years, however, have not been sufficient to satisfy concerns raised by some in the community. “Back when I was in school,” shared one resident during a recent Board meeting, “we only had one style of clothing – sharp and classy. Kids today are a rag-tag bunch.” As United Airlines discovered recently, however, enforcing a dress code policy can be controversial.

IMG_0649 (1)

Last year of jeans and t-shirts in Dublin schools?

Said one Board official, requesting anonymity, “we are looking at a variety of options for school uniforms that would promote lifelong learning while connecting students to Dublin’s rich Irish heritage. The color green not only mirrors on our lush surroundings during the winter months, but also fades significantly slower than red colored uniforms which should provide cost savings for families.”


The switch to Irish school uniforms would also tie into a recent decision to blend Irish dance into the school curriculum starting with 2017-18 third graders. According to the newly appointed Director of Irish Dance for Dublin Schools, “Traditional Irish dance is not just about the intricate steps, but also the unique artistry of the dance uniforms. Introducing students to the Irish fashion the moment they enter school will give us a ‘leg up’ on the competition.” Irish dance shoes, however, will only be required on competition days.

Recognizing that Dublin is a diverse city with residents from many different countries and cultures, the District is said to be working with community leaders to include optional cultural elements, building on the Irish uniform theme.

Realizing it will take time for all Dublin students to be sized and fitted, the final deadline for arriving at school properly uniformed is April 1, 2018. Students switching to the new uniform in time for St. Patrick’s Day 2018 will receive a special four-leaf clover “Luck of the Irish” patch for graduation.

To get Dubliners in the spirit of the new uniforms, here is Dublin High School graduate, and contributor, Camille Chabot performing with the McGrath Irish Dancers at Dublin’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival:

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