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Tri-Valley ROP Digital Media Students Capture St. Patrick’s Day 2015

March 27, 2015

Tri-Valley ROP teacher Chris Meyer reached out to recently looking for a platform for his students to share their visual communications skills. was happy to partner. Here is the first set of photos from several Tri-Valley ROP Digital Media students. ROP Digital Media includes practical training in Visual Communications, Animation, and Game Design. The Tri-Valley ROP program “provides engaging learning opportunities for high school students eager to acquire career training and technical skills essential for business and industry employment.”

Marissa Medeiros, Granada High School Senior:

“While at the festival taking photos, we walked around some of the booths to check out all the different jewelry and clothes. If only I had the money, I would’ve bought a ton of sundresses there! There were many rides that I wish that I would’ve gone on while I was there, but unfortunately I had to go to work in the late afternoon. There was so much food and the parade was really nice. This was my first time at the City of Dublin Saint Patrick’s Day Festival, and it was a great experience. If I have the time when I’m in college, I’ll definitely come back out next year to experience it again!”

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Aaron Johal, Dublin High School Junior:

“Last week, I photographed the Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Festival and Parade. Overall I found it enjoyable, and I recommend that next year you take your family. The atmosphere is great for the whole family and friends. There are lots of games and attractions to keep the kids interested, and you can drink and have a good time. It’s fun just to walk around with your family and friends. The food there is spectacular! The whole event shows a wide variety of the history and culture of Dublin.”

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Adrian Tamayo, Dublin High School Junior:

“The Dublin Saint Patrick’s Day Festival and Parade is a truly fun experience, and I would definitely encourage anybody to go. It’s something great to attend with the family, and friends. The people, Irish culture, and environment give great vibes so you really enjoy yourself while you’re there. The kids can really enjoy themselves with all of the games there. I enjoyed walking around and seeing the great vendor stands. I’m positive that there is something for you at the fair that you will like, whether it’s the games, food, or entertainment.”

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