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Life at San Diego State University and Majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management

March 23, 2015

by Jenny Lutz (Dublin High School Class of 2012 and San Diego State University junior)

Jenny Lutz at Sunset Cliffs

Jenny Lutz at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

Deciding to go to San Diego State University was one of the best decisions of my life. Rewind back to 2012, my senior year at Dublin High School. I knew I wanted to go to SDSU, but my next choice was Chico State. In March when the admission letters were sent out, I was unfortunately denied admission to SDSU. As crushed as I was not getting into my dream school, I decided to go to Chico and was still excited for college. One of my teachers at DHS (Ms. Briggs) suggested I write a letter of appeal to get into SDSU; I was doubtful of this idea because I did not fit any of the qualifications to send a letter of appeal, but I did so anyways. Once again, I was denied admission. I knew I was definitely going to Chico, no doubt about it. On May 2 (day after decision day) I received an email from SDSU informing me that I was being offered admittance for the fall semester, and that I had 48 hours to decide if I was going to accept the offer. Not even blinking twice, I knew I was going to attend SDSU if it was the last thing I did.

Although I did not think leaving home and moving to the southern tip of California was that huge of a deal, it ended up rocking my world. I had a difficult time adjusting to my new surroundings and finding where I belong at SDSU. Rest assured this happens to all college freshman in their first semester. Let me tell you it does get much better. I found friends who wanted to explore San Diego just like I did, who enjoyed their daily Starbucks stops along campus, and who binge-watch The Bachelor.

A little bit about SDSU: we are a NCAA Division 1 school and are part of the Mountain West Conference. The basketball team is out of this world and going to the games is one of the highlights of my college experience. We have a student section called “The Show” and there is an endless amount of chants and hype. In addition, the coldest it has ever been since I’ve been on campus is 65 degrees, but it’s usually 70-75 degrees. If that doesn’t sound like enough of a persuasion, then I’ll also tell you we are a 15-minute drive from the beach, have two concert venues on campus, a brand new beautiful student union, and an endless supply of authentic Mexican food. Go Aztecs!

I think I am thriving and succeeding at SDSU. I am involved in a few different student organizations on campus, am a campus tour guide and am very involved with my major.

Networking at an HTM Trade Show

Networking at an HTM Trade Show

I am a junior majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Event Planning. Since this is an up and coming major in the United States, I do receive a lot of doubtful opinions, why would one major in that? What do you do, just become a bellhop? Although there are many entry-level positions in hospitality, majoring helps you to become a manager and progress higher in the ranks. Alumni from SDSU currently work as managers in all the major hotel chains, restaurants and own their own event planning companies. I have many peers who want to open their own wedding planning businesses, coordinate events for high profile companies, or like myself dream of working for a tourism or destination management company. I have been handed opportunities to work closely with industry professionals through clubs and internships within my major. If you love working with people and like going above and beyond for others I would strongly suggest looking into this major.

I have had a few different internships with event planners. One of which included working for a travel incentives company where I got to learn about all about incentive planning and organizing for major companies. This internship helped me to discover a part of events I never knew existed and never imagined that I would work in, but now it’s my career goal to work in a company of that type. Push yourself to take and apply to internships and jobs. I have applied to easily over 20 different companies in college. Even though I knew a lot were out of my reach and I was rejected by many I learned that you never know the unexpected benefit of doing something. When you land that job you really want, there is no better feeling!

SDSU also has many more strong majors, and every student is satisfied with their program. If you are still in high school, don’t sweat not knowing what you want to major in. So many students change their major and still graduate on time.

Jenny in London

Jenny in London

Right now I am studying abroad in Birmingham, England. It is the second largest city in England and I am having the time of my life! I have traveled every weekend to various cities in England and have met some unforgettable people. Since I have been studying Tourism in college, what better way to do that than by being abroad? I have learned the importance of culture and along the way have made friends from over 15 different countries. Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities provided by universities, it is incredibly affordable and when else in your life can you just pick up for 4 months and see what the world has to offer? I am currently paying the same tuition to SDSU, paying a lower rent, was granted a scholarship from my major to pay for my flight and given over $2,000 from my school to assist with studying abroad costs. If I did not make it obvious enough, go study abroad! Even if it is just for a month, go do it!

While schoolwork is incredibly important, make time for fun. By that I mean go to school events, school sports, stay up an extra hour to bond with your friends over a TV show, and go explore. Those are all my favorite memories of college and high school. Just put your best foot forward and do everything to the best of your ability. If you have any questions about SDSU, studying abroad, or anything about college, totally reach out to me: Cheers!

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