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A Full Week at Valley High School is Highlighted by Students Taking Flight

March 11, 2015
Valley High School Family BBQ 2015

Valley High School Family BBQ 2015

A lot can happen in a single week. We see it at each and every school site within the Dublin Unified School District. It was no different at Valley High School as the staff managed to make it a very memorable seven days for their students.

Working in reverse order, the national movement of Women of Aviation Week occurred from March 2 – 8. was invited to attend an event at the Livermore Municipal Airport (LVK) on Wednesday. The event was part of the 6th Annual “Fly It Forward” campaign. Worldwide, there are over one million pilots. However, there are only 50,000 female pilots – according to a 2013 report from the FAA Aeronautical Center. Further, the increase of female commercial pilots has truly stagnated. The number in 2005 was 6.06%. And, it modified to 6.39 in 2013.

Women of Aviation Week 2015

Women of Aviation Week 2015

The event at LVK was an opportunity for students/community to consider the possibilities that exist in this industry. There were options to speak with women that are currently working in this craft – whether in the air or on the ground. Tours were presented on the field and to the control tower. A highlight was the opportunity to take flight in a four-seat Cirrus SR 225 Turbo craft. And, many took advantage. Six students from VHS took this journey to Livermore and it undoubtedly had a lasting impression.

On the previous Friday, Valley High hosted their annual Family BBQ. The event capped their Spirit Week and offered an invitation for current and past students/staff to join in the festivities. The lunch featured hamburgers, hot dogs and several other offerings. It was also a valuable chance for students and staff to mingle in a relaxed environment. Of course, the campus/enrollment size of VHS makes this to be a very viable option.

Valley High Challenge Day 2015

Valley High Challenge Day 2015

Finally, earlier in the week, many Valley High School students participated in Challenge Day. This exercise is an all-day event and is one of the high points of the entire school year. Challenge Day is a professionally conducted event that includes students, staff, facilitators and community members. The purpose is to step away from the classroom for a day and to engage with each other in an honest, positive and sometimes very emotional way. One of the most powerful moments is when the group conducts “Cross the Line.” This is a segment when all participants publicly discuss choices that they have previously made – whether right or wrong. The individuals are then granted the opportunity to speak about how they will individually make personal changes for positive outcomes. It is one thing to do this in front of a mirror. It is very different to make these statements before others. Dublin Partners in Education and other corporate sponsors should be recognized for their support of this program.

In all, it was a memorable week at Valley High School. It was one that challenged the students to look inwards, to celebrate and to ponder future possibilities. would like to thank the staff and students of VHS for inviting us to be a part of this week.

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