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Amador Elementary School Nearing Completion with a Nod to Gryffindor

February 13, 2015
Amador Elementary School

Amador Elementary School last visited the construction site of Amador Elementary in the fall of 2014. At the time, many of the buildings were beginning to take shape, but it required a bit of imagination to understand how they may ultimately look. The library was but an empty shell and the Multi-purpose room had just been framed. And, concrete was still being poured to fill out the walkways. While we continue to live in drought-like conditions, the silver lining for the Amador project was the lack of interruptions due to weather in the construction cycle. was granted an exclusive tour on Monday that was led by Project Manager John Hansen and Amador Principal Holly Scroggins. The maturation of the school site was rather jaw dropping. The color palate is clearly in place, floor coverings and furniture have now been placed on order. The library now has shelving in place and the MP has been sheet rocked and one can clearly make out the shape of the stage. On the opposite side of the room sits the kitchen. The refrigeration systems have been installed and it is clear where the industrial sized stove hoods will reside. Externally, play structures have been installed and the irrigation system has been successfully installed to utilize non-potable water for landscaping.

We asked Project Manager John Hansen to partially summarize some of the highlights of this massive project and he gladly shared his thoughts.

Amador Elementary School Construction Site - District and School Staff

John Hansen – Holly Scroggins – Lori Godwin

John Hansen: “The J.M. Amador elementary school campus is nearing final steps for completion. This project is a standout for DUSD as new thinking and design has been incorporated into this new elementary school campus.  With the vision to build two story classroom buildings, thus allowing for larger playground areas and a more central feel when entering the campus.

“Incorporated into the new design are out door learning areas throughout the interior courtyard streetscape for a spin off traditional learning. This streetscape if you will, as intended will become a safe gathering area for students as they enter the campus and start their day.

“The district staff has been working diligently on final steps to select classroom and campus furnishings along with needed equipment. We anticipate these steps to come to a close by the end of February. Scheduling for delivery and set up will follow. The campus is on schedule to open for the 2015-2016 school year, additionally the project budget is being met. Everyone involved with this new campus has been doing great work.  Pride of workmanship is apparent throughout the site.

“As a fun fact….there has been approximately 7,024 cubic yards of concrete placed on this campus, that’s 780 truck loads!”

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Hansen intimated to us that it was his personal goal to “hand over the keys” to Principal Scroggins on June 1st. He also went out of his way to compliment the performance of the contractors and their various sub-contractors. As he referenced in his statement, the project scope is moving in a timely fashion and all budgetary landmarks have been achieved. Of course, this is a testament to not only John, but the entire Facilities Department.

Amador Elementary School Construction Site - 7Finally, last month, Ms. Scroggins hosted an “open house” for the families that will enroll in the fall at Amador Elementary at the DUSD boardroom. It was a wildly successful event with many parents and students on hand. A large segment of these families will be shifting from Kolb Elementary over to Amador. Additionally, there were interested parties that have recently moved into the new Positano community development. Seizing this opportunity, Holly invited this burgeoning community to contribute to the naming of its mascot and to determine school colors. This was accomplished by reaching out to young student leadership at Kolb and through an online survey. As a result, the clear-cut winner for mascot was the Amador Elementary “Owls.” And, the school colors shall be maroon and gold. Perhaps the owl will be named Hedwig? would like to thank both John Hansen and Holly Scroggins for this unique opportunity to view the progress on the site. We are also pleased to share that the key role of Principal’s Secretary will be fulfilled by Ms. Lori Godwin. Lori has served in the same capacity at Murray Elementary School for many years. No doubt, she travels to Amador with a wealth of experience and wisdom. All signs point towards a successful opening in August 2015.

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