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City of Dublin Councilmember Abe Gupta Speaks Out in Opposition to Measure T

October 21, 2014

by Abe Gupta (City of Dublin Councilmember)

Doolan Canyon (credit Marc Davis)

Doolan Canyon (credit Marc Davis)

As City Councilmembers we are called on to be custodians of the public trust – more than anything else, we are charged with making land use choices – choices that affect the nature and scope of development and whose consequences, good or bad, often are not felt until decades later. Key to those choices is understanding and appreciating balanced, smart growth.

A few months ago, I had the chance to drive to the end of Doolan Road, a beautiful, bucolic terrain skirting the boundary between Dublin and Livermore. Dotted with small family farms, horse stables and open pastures, the area is a haven for wildlife. Visitors cannot help but be awestruck imagining how similar the land looked to early pioneers hundreds of years earlier – undisturbed and undeveloped.

Measure T on this fall’s election ballot seeks to change that. In my short time on the council, I have encouraged everyone to seek out smart growth, while recognizing that growth always and in all ways is not only foolish, it can deprive our communities of the beauty of ridgelines, open space and natural habitat.

CIty of Dublin Ballot Measure T OpponentsMeasure T would break the urban growth boundary that the City Council approved unanimously in June, and it would authorize the development of rural Doolan Canyon without further voter approval. That would be a huge environmental mistake. As the Contra Costa Times said in a recent editorial, the developers behind Measure T “dressed it up to look like an environmental measure. It’s not. It’s just the opposite.”

The notion that Livermore would develop Doolan Canyon if Dublin does not seize control of the area, as some have claimed, is a smokescreen concocted by developers. Livermore already has an urban growth boundary. They are also concerned about development in the rural areas between Dublin and Livermore, and the City of Livermore has formally asked that it remain in open space.

I ask all Dublin residents to please join every environmental group in the Tri-Valley, the entire Dublin City Council, the entire Dublin Planning Commission, and many other community leaders in forever protecting Doolan Canyon by voting No on Measure T this fall. We owe it to our children to be great stewards of this beautiful area.

During the recent City of Dublin Mayoral debate all four candidates for Mayor also stated their opposition to Measure T. All photos courtesy of Dublin resident Marc Davis.

Doolan Canyon Panorama (credit Marc Davis)

  1. Seth Adams permalink
    October 21, 2014 11:25 am

    Thanks to Council members Abe Gupta, Don Biddle and Mayor Tim Sbranti for their leadership and help with our “No on Measure T” campaign. – Seth Adams, Save Mount Diablo (one of the community groups opposing Measure T, along with Tri-Valley Conservancy, Sierra Club, etc.)

  2. nat piazza permalink
    October 24, 2014 10:56 pm

    Thank you Abe for speaking out. Also, I’m pleased to know that you went out to see for yourself the situation you spoke about. Every person on the planning commission, city counsel needs to stop looking at slide presentations presented by developers at city meetings. Go first to the source see for yourself then each of you will have a better knowledge rather than developers selling a bill of goods thru slides I recall recently the developer selling to the city council and planning comm.the 58 unit project on Donlan and Dublin Blvd. This will bite us in the — near future.

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