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Dublin High School Freshman Abigale Kim Rallies Teens to Stop Social Media Negativity

June 23, 2014

by Abigale Kim (Dublin High School incoming freshman)

One day in my Fallon Middle School Leadership Class was particularly exciting. Chairs were in the center, and a big screen stood in front. Inspirational pop music was playing loudly. Normally in Fallon Pride Team (FPT), we would conduct games for students during lunch time activities, or make birthday cards for students. It was a quiet atmosphere where we would “have fun, but get it done” and be “flat-paper”, or efficient, as teacher Mrs. Young likes to say. I take a seat in and look at the screen. Typed up in big letters is the Twitter hashtag #iCANHELP.

During this two hour leadership class, we learned about deleting negativity off social media. We played the compliment game with a megaphone, where you compliment another person in the crowd. We also discussed tips such as putting your phones in the center of the table while hanging out.

So you may ask, what is #iCANHELP? It’s a program designed to delete negativity off social media, and promote positivity. For example, the main account, @icanhelpdeletenegativity on Instagram, is centered on Excelisor Middle School. It posts “Happy Help Day” instead of “Hump Day” (teenagers know that “hump day” is Wednesday”), and other inspirational posts.

Teens can do a lot to promote #iCANHELP. They can follow my new account @icanhelpdublin on Instagram, and the main one @icanhelpdeletenegativity. The new account @icanhelpdublin centers on Dublin, CA and spreading the word of #iCANHELP. Teens can also follow tips about deleting negativity off social media. #iCANHELP was profiled by KPIX 5 reporter Juliette Goodrich late last year:

Some tips include:

  • When you hang out with friends, prevent friends from using their phones and put phones in the center of the table (so your life isn’t centered on your phone)
  • When you feel like someone had a bad day, comment on their Instagram or Facebook post something nice and meaningful
    • Example – “you’re so inspirational and have a ton of leadership” instead of “ur so prety”
  • Don’t brag about followers, friends, or likes
  • Stand up to hateful captions/comments
    • Example 1: if someone posts, “hanging with the sl*t, you could reply “hey that’s rude and awkward”
    • Example 2: you could reply “hey ik (I know) her and she’s not a sl*t”
  • If someone posts “my cat died” or “my grandma has cancer” go up to them at school, comment on the post, or text/Kik them that you are always there.
  • Spread the word about #iCANHELP

Follow @icanhelpdublin on Instagram or email me at if you have any questions. #iCANHELP is also raising money to promote the cause nationally:


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