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High School Students Give Back at the Dublin Senior Center

March 17, 2014

Dublin Senior Center Volunteers 2Mondays through Fridays, volunteers file into the Dublin Senior Center eager to start another day’s work. They sign in, put on a pair of gloves, and starting cleaning and setting up a happy and enjoyable environment for the residents and visitors.

These volunteers consist of high school students from all across the Tri-Valley. They come from Castro Valley, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton, and of course, Dublin. All have their own reasons for joining the volunteer program the senior center has to offer. Though initially, many signed up to fulfill the community service portion of their graduation requirement.

“I signed up to volunteer at the senior center for community service hours,” says Dublin High senior Camila Huang. “But now I just do it for fun and to give back to the community.”

Many of the volunteers find that even after their fifty (the requisite number of volunteer hours for Dublin High) hours are done, they stick around. The structure and routine of the senior center volunteering program allows them freedom and fun. Volunteers are often seen happily chatting with their friends as they wash dishes, set up tables, make coffee, and pin up decorations.

“I like volunteering at the senior center because I love having the conversations and interactions with the seniors and volunteers,” says Dublin High senior Littera Kwong.

Anyone can find their place while giving back to the community. The Dublin Senior Center is one of the best places to form bonds with other like-minded people, who all have a dedication to service.

“I was finding a way to blend into this community when I first moved to Dublin,” says volunteer Ming Yin Kwong, when asked why she chose the Dublin Senior Center. “And I love serving people and making them happy.”

Dublin Senior Center Volunteers 1The youthful energy of the teenage volunteers is important. It brings a certain life to the senior center, whose residents are always happy to see the students passing by, and will always offer a smile or a wave. The purpose of the volunteering program at the senior center is to provide a low cost workforce and to ensure the health and cleanliness of the area. The volunteers work hard every week to support over a hundred seniors, who enjoy the facilities that they set up.

“I think my job is important because those seniors worked very hard for our country before and it is time that we do something for them,” says Ming Yin Kwong.

To volunteer, pick up an application the next time you swing by the senior center. Shifts last for about an hours once a day, and you can pick which weekday that works best. Many students have shared a feeling of teamwork and generosity. The experience is worthwhile.

“I love helping people out and I think it’s very important to give back,” says Huang. “I’d like to have people do the same for me when I become a senior one day.”

Dublin High School Junior Grace LiGrace Li is the newest student writer for “I love writing of all kinds and have a strong passion for literacy–which is why I’m so excited to be writing for! I am the News Editor for the Dublin Shield, Dublin High School’s school newspaper, and the founder of the East Bay Magazine Literacy Project, a volunteering organization that donates magazines to people in at-risk situations in order to improve their reading skills and global awareness. I love to write fiction and poetry. The past summer I attended Stanford EPGY Summer Institutes: Creative Writing, and have won a Gold Key for short story in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.
“In addition to writing, I spend most of my free time drawing, painting, or volunteering. I am the president of the Dublin High School Art Club–we strive to make art available to our community and others. Our most recent project involved drawing coloring books for the homeless children of the InnVision shelter, which you can read about here. I am also vice-president of the H2O club, where we are halfway to reaching our goal of fundraising an African community for water for three years. I volunteer as an Autism Therapist for the Son-Rise Program, and in the senior center as well.”

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