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DUSD Annual Concert Delivers Music and Needed Support to a Dublin Family

February 19, 2014

“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.” – Proverb

DUSD District Music Festival 2On Tuesday evening, Fallon Middle School hosted the Annual District Music Concert in their gym. The basketball court was packed with musicians ranging from 5th graders, to those from both Fallon and Wells Middle Schools and the Dublin High School band. Equally, the stands on both sides of the court were filled with supporters of all ages.

The evening’s program was robust and was complete with nine arrangements that spanned all grade levels. In many ways, the concert represented the immense growth that the Dublin Unified School District has experienced over the past decade. In the past six years, the DHS band has nearly tripled in size. This would not be possible unless there were successful music programs at the middle schools and at primary education. This growth has also prompted the addition of a new Elementary Music Director, Steve Silva and a new Choral Director, Jonathan Ullrich.

While digital cameras and iPhones were capturing the performances, there was certainly a heartfelt feeling and emotion that superseded this event. The quote at the beginning of this passage makes reference to selfless giving – at times for the benefit of a stranger. While the evening was a celebration of music, it was also an opportunity to support a member of the community. Ms. Nicole Malone is an eighth grader at Wells Middle School. Approximately four years ago, she was diagnosed with a fairly rare form of cancer that attacks young people. While the treatment that she received at the time appeared to combat her condition, it made a recurrence a year ago – and in a much more combative mode.

Young Nic has returned home to be in the comfort of her family. In an effort to mitigate the financial burden on the family, close friends and community members have taken action to initiate specific fundraising activities. Thus, the District Music Concert appeared to be a perfect opportunity to support this effort. Music Directors Paul Everts, Lee Carpenter and Erik Bertelson collaborated and subsequently agreed that this would be the right thing to do.

While initiated by simple word of mouth and social networking, awareness of the effort quickly grew. It was remarkable to witness attendees reaching into their pockets to make contributions. They came in the form of cash, checks and gift cards. Some of those that gave are long time friends of the family. Yet, there were numerous contributors that have never met Ms. Malone – they were just newly aware of her struggles.

DUSD District Music Festival Nicole Malone FundraiserIt was a remarkable and memorable evening. The result of the fundraising effort yielded a sum of $3,413.48 that was dropped into a collection box. However, it represents is so much more. In some ways, it defines what our community is capable of delivering in times of need – whether one knows the recipient or not. It also shows how much people can care about a young person that may be robbed of the future years that they richly deserve. would like to applaud all that contributed their efforts in making this event a success. Smell the fragrance from each rose. Nicole’s favorite color is pink.

You may also support the Malone Family by making a contribution to:

  • Safe America Credit Union
  • In Care of: Nicole Malone
  • 6001 Gibraltar Drive
  • Pleasanton, CA 94588
  • Acct #: 999090095

2014 District Concert Pano

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  1. Chris Charlton permalink
    February 19, 2014 10:53 am

    This is truly a blessing to have such a great community come together in a time of need. I am proud to say I’m from DUBLIN and we all represent a awesome community!

    • Michael Utsumi permalink
      February 19, 2014 4:11 pm

      Very well stated, Chris. We appreciated your positive comments. Best Regards, Michael

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