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Dublin High School Kids Against Hunger Club

February 3, 2014

Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one”. This is the motto for the Dublin High School Kids Against Hunger Club; they raise as much money as they can throughout the year to feed as many kids as they can.

Kids Against Hunger packing event

DHS Kids Against Hunger Packing Event

Kids Against Hunger is an organization with over 100 packaging locations around the United States and in Canada all with the same purpose; to package food to send off to developing countries around the world. The food that they send is composed of four main ingredients: rice, soy, vitamins and flavoring, and vegetables. A single bag contains all nine essential amino acids required for complete nutrition and six servings, at only 25 cents per serving.

The members of the Kids Against Hunger Club at Dublin High get hands-on experience every year packaging food, “It’s one thing to raise money for charity, but it’s also another great experience to actually pack the food that will be sent out” said Visesha Kakarla, the vice president of the club. The students hold bake sales and other fundraisers throughout the year to cover the cost of the ingredients for the meals – $25 per person – and make an annual trip to the Pleasanton packing location at the end of the school year to package meals to countries such as Haiti and the Philippines. Last year alone, they fed 2,376 kids and the teens are genuinely having fun while doing so; Sabrina Gomez, the secretary of the club says that, “Packing events are really fun and rewarding. Especially after raising money to volunteer, the packing events make it so worth it when we start filling up boxes and boxes of food for kids who really need it”.

In today’s world, many of us forget how lucky we are to have a roof above our heads, an education, and food and water, failing to realize that there are many others who are not as fortunate. The students in this club work to end world hunger so that those kids who aren’t as fortune can also have a bright future ahead of them. Sophia Hui speaks for all members when she says that, “this is beyond getting enough volunteer hours to graduate; being a part of this club gives you a chance to make a real difference while meeting a whole bunch of amazing people”. Those who want to find out more about the organization can visit and the students at Dublin High School who want to take a stand against world hunger are encouraged to join the club and volunteer with their peers.


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