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Dublin Rotary Acts of Holiday Kindness Caps Year Round Effort for Dublin Families

December 23, 2013
Rotary Volunteers

Dublin Rotary Volunteers

For Rotarians throughout the globe, there is a simple test to measure their actions:

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

In each of these four cases, the answer for Rotary District 5170 is “yes.” For decades, the Dublin Rotary organization has worked tirelessly and quietly to better the Dublin community. Founded in 1971, this group as actively sought out opportunities to partner with local organizations, including the Dublin Unified School District (DUSD). Rotary has embraced the support of both global and local needs. On a very large scale, they have committed themselves to the eradication of Polio in the world. Through much of their efforts, the group has vastly reduced the incidence of Polio – mostly confined to a few countries in the Middle East. This has been accomplished by providing medical services, vaccines and other methods of support world-wide. But the Rotary maintains its roots at the local level. The Dublin Rotary is part of the south bay and east bay which is comprised of more than 59 clubs and over 4,000 members. The Dublin Rotary organization consists of 47 very active members.

In another example of local service and partnership with Dublin schools, the Dublin Rotary executed an adoption of some local families in advance of the holiday season. This is not a new program. It has been ongoing for several years and some of the primary benefactors were students/families from Valley High School.

First, let’s examine the Dublin Rotary mission. The Rotary has a fascinating model that deserves examination. had the recent opportunity to sit down with current President Janine Thalblum and Membership Chairman Rich Boschetti. The organization was chartered in 1971, and has raised funds for the local community for decades. At both times, they have looked to serve both the global and local markets for charitable enterprises. In recent years, this has been evident through activities such as firework sales in Dublin. However, there have been other unique enterprises, such as the hosting of Circus Vargas in August. Rotary member Bob Tucknott had access to a plot of land in order to host an event of this scale. In exchange, the Circus granted Rotary funds from the parking concessions. Circus Vargas also made an additional generous donation at the conclusion of the event. The Rotary has also continuously supported various efforts throughout DUSD, including the donation of dictionaries to third grade students and the granting of scholarships to local high school students. Much of this funding is made possible by utilizing the interest gain off of a much larger endowment dedicated to the Dublin community. Our conversation continued with two officers of the Rotary organization. A simple question. Why do you serve in support of the Dublin Rotary?

Rich Boschetti and Janine Thalblum

Rich Boschetti and Janine Thalblum

Janine Thalblum: “I’ve served as a parent volunteer for many years. I have children at both Green Elementary and at Fallon Middle School. This was a normal progression for me. But, I’ve loved the thought of continuing to give and to providing service to the community. I felt that this would be a way to volunteer on a grander scale.”

Rich Boschetti: “As a Branch Manager at the local Bank of the West location, one of my responsibilities is to become part of the fabric of the community. As one that has served in the educational community, this was a natural transition for me. The Rotary makes a difference in the lives of many. Plus, I have the opportunity to meet many great people.” What are the benefits of becoming active in the Rotary program?

Thalblum: “Overall, it feels so good for the soul. We have so many programs – including public speaking, educational programs and others. Primarily, it is a commitment to serve our community and to help those that really need the help.”

Boschetti: “We gain exposure to so many non-profit organizations that are attempting to provide relief to so many others. Our group is also exposed to so many amazing speakers. We recently were graced by the mother of Pat Tillman, a former NFL player that served and perished for our country in Afghanistan after the events of 9/11. But, overall, it gives our members exposure to what is happening in our community.

So, as it relates to the benefit of our local schools, let us be specific. Through a collaboration of this Rotary District, Gloria Gregory of City Serve of the Tri-Valley, City Council Member David Haubert and the Children’s Emergency Food Bank, the overall plan was hatched. By virtue of the successful fundraising season of the Rotary, their board determined that they would dedicate $5,400 for families in need this holiday season. The recipients of these gifts would be determined by DUSD staff and would take the form of two bags of non-perishable foods and gift cards from Safeway. Further, a smaller number of families would also receive holiday gifts. In sum, 20 Valley High School families benefited – in addition to eight families from our elementary and middle school community. While this is a largely silent, yet generous effort, there are families in our neighborhoods that are saying, “This is the truth.” commends their ongoing efforts in support of our community families and schools.

Editor’s Note: The Dublin Rotary Club of Dublin meets every Tuesday from 12:00 – 1:30 PM at the Dublin Ranch Golf Club. 5900 Signal Hill Drive.


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