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Summer Internships Inspire Career Choices for Dublin High School Students

September 3, 2013
Congressman Swalwell with Emily

Congressman Swalwell with Emily

Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Every high school student dreams about obtaining a job that they will thoroughly enjoy. Whether the dream job may be about becoming the next big NBA basketball player, groundbreaking scientist, or Grammy award-winning actress, passion and focus are vital for career success. However, high school life can be overwhelming and the thought of what the future may hold leaves feelings of dread and self doubt. Some students may be clueless or unsure about what career to pursue in the near future. Internships provide a valuable way for high school students to experiment with different career opportunities and determine the career area that is suitable for them. In addition, students can develop life skills such as perseverance, teamwork, social skills, responsibility, and time management. Dublin High Senior Ben Sher, Dublin High School Class of 2013 graduate and University of British Columbia freshman Emily Morehead, and I describe our valuable internship experiences that helped us develop important life skills and determine careers suitable for our individual passions.

This past summer, Ben Sher was an intern for Vendini Inc., a ticketing software company. Vendini provides dependable and easy-to-use ticketing, marketing, and fundraising solutions to any-sized organization. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, Ben chose to ride BART at 6:15 am in order to start working at 7:00 am. Ben worked around 33-35 hours per week and had a 2 hour total commute each day. A typical day for Ben consisted of helping patrons who were experiencing difficulties with software and helping create a system that would assign account manager territory. There were also times when Ben would have to do miscellaneous tasks such as assisting with the festival ticketing area of business. Throughout Ben’s experience, Ben learned that he prefered working in open, casual atmospheres like Vendini’s where he could easily connect with coworkers. Ben found connection with coworkers and enjoyment of the work environment crucial to a business’s success. When asked about the major perks of obtaining an internship, Ben replied, “You will grow your network through your coworkers and gain some nice resume experience.” Through his internship experience at Vendini, Ben has developed his passion for working together with others in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Ben can now carry out out his new teamwork skills positively as this year’s Dublin High School Student Body Vice President.

During Emily Morehead’s senior year of high school, Emily was an intern for the Office of Congressman Swalwell in Pleasanton. The office’s purpose is to help out the constituents within the 15th district with whatever federal issue they may have such as social security and medicare. Emily was interested in applying to this internship because of her passion in pursuing a political science major in college. Before the internship, Emily had volunteered for Congress Swalwell’s campaign. Her volunteer experience helped her obtain connections with the organization and apply for the internship. By the start of April, Emily interned everyday after school from 3:15 to 6 pm. During the summer, she worked on Tuesday from 1:30-6 pm and on Wednesday and Friday 9-1:30 pm for about 16 weeks in all. Emily quickly felt at home in her work environment as other interns and staff member were extremely helpful and friendly. She obtained a great support system while contributing positively to the government office. Emily’s internship tasks consisted of answering the phones, opening or organizing mail, and drafting certificates and letters. Although the internship was no easy task requiring a massive amount of work ethic, Emily learned a lot about herself. When asked about what she learned from this internship, she answered, “I learned from my internship that if I really set my mind to it, I am capable of learning any task and taking on any challenge.” Emily is now using her strong work ethic developed from her internship experience to succeed in her pursuit of a political science major at the University of British Columbia.

Alicia Tran

Alicia Tran

This past summer, I was an intern for the Dublin Library. I interned every Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. I was an intern with two other Dublin High School students and together, we learned to work as a team. Our tasks included passing out community show tickets for children and their families. It was a rewarding feeling to watch the community’s children spring with delight when watching the shows of talented magicians, clowns, and musicians. In addition, one of my favorite community events was helping children with the Fourth of July arts and crafts. It was worthwhile to see a child beam with pride once his or her art work was finished. Other internship tasks included organizing prizes for the children’s reading games and organizing children’s books in the library. This library internship enhanced my perspective of how much hard work librarians put in to community events to ensure fun for the community’s families. My passion for helping others with regards to education rekindled from the library internship. I decided to work harder in opening a new Dublin High club called Room to Read which provides books, schools, libraries, and instruction for children in impoverished countries. I made sure to use my connections with the Dublin librarians to raise awareness about my Room to Read literacy mentoring program, “Read to Me!” which is where high school students volunteer to read with elementary and middle school students at the library. I am truly thankful for the library internship because of the fun memories with friends and wonderful connections I made with the Dublin librarians.

Internships can be a valuable experience for high school students willing to take advantage of the different opportunities organizations have to offer. Internships can even help a student stand out in College Admissions as Admission Officers will be able to know more about the character, drive, and unique passion of the student. I recommend using the Internet, local library and Dublin High School Career Center to search for different internships. Not only will the student develop passions and life skills, these students will obtain the priceless feeling of helping others!

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