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Jazzin’ for a Cure 2013 Entertains While Raising Money for Cancer Research

May 18, 2013

Jazzin for a Cure 2013 - Dublin High School Jazz Band 6Both moving and entertaining, the fourth annual Jazzin’ for a Cure event raised over $2,800. Rivalries were set aside Friday night as Fallon Middle School (Music Director Lee Carpenter), Wells Middle School (Music Director Erik Bertleson), Dougherty Valley High School (Music Director Teri Musiel), Foothill High School (Music Director Josh Butterfield) and Dublin High School (Music Director Paul Everts) teamed up to entertain a full house at the Shannon Community Center.

Jazzin for a Cure 2013 - Dublin High School Freshman Performs Solo for Mother Battling CancerAs has been the case every year, when organizer Paul Everts asked if anyone in the audience had been affected by or knew someone who had been affected by cancer, nearly every hand went up. During the Dublin High School Jazz Band set, the importance of cancer research was reinforced when a freshman member of the band surprised his mother, who is battling breast cancer, with a solo. Their embrace following the performance brought the audience to tears.

Participating in middle and high school music programs isn’t just fun and rewarding, it’s also an advantage down the road when applying to and succeeding in college. According to data from Purdue University, Purdue’s band and orchestra participants earned a higher collective GPA than all undergraduate students at Purdue. Purdue’s band participants also earned a higher average number of credits per semester. And SAT / ACT scores (both math and verbal) are higher for Purdue band students than the average scores for all students. captured video and photographs from this year’s event (below). If you are inspired by these student performances, consider donating to the ALS Association or the American Cancer Society. Jazzin’ for a Cure returns next year on May 19, 2014, and will be held in the new Dublin High School Center for Performing Arts and Education (which opens winter 2014). The new theatre will also enabling live streaming over the Internet for those unable to attend, with the goal being to expand the fundraising potential of the event.

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Dublin High School Jazz Band Performance

Fallon Middle School Jazz Band Performance

Wells Middle School Jazz Band Performance

Dougherty Valley High School Jazz Band Performance

Foothill High School Jazz Band Performance

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  1. May 18, 2013 12:28 pm

    James YOU ARE THE MAN!! Thank you ONCE AGAIN for the positive coverage of another year of JAZZIN’ FOR A CURE. There are expenses, yet, thanks to the generosity of MANY people we grossed just over $2,800.00!! It was an amazing evening of love and music – great combination.

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