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Dublin Unified School District Recognizes Tireless Parent Volunteers

May 3, 2013

Dublin Unified School District Volunteer Recognition Event 2013 - 3The monthly business conducted by the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees is exactly that – business. In recent months, the Board has had to wrestle with topics including portables at some of our elementary schools, Bond Anticipation Notes to assist in floating financing to complete a new school site, approving funding for travel for various groups, hiring new staff and assorted other matters. In April, the Board looked forward to one of the most anticipated meetings – the annual Recognition Program.

Under the direction of Human Resources Director, Diane Manske, the District promoted the solicitation of nominations in numerous categories. In all, 18 awardees came from the ranks of Certificated, Classified, Administration and Volunteers. The last category of Volunteers yielded the last two that were honored. This year, the volunteers recognized by DUSD are Paula Allen and Rosemary Brassea. had the opportunity to both attend the event and to visit with both honorees. Further, their respective site principals were invited to add their congratulations and observations.

Both of these women are unique – but they also share very similar traits. Paula and husband Jason will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in July. This is a blended family that shares six children. Daughter Kaytlin graduated from Valley High School in 2011 and son Luke graduated from VHS earlier this year. Their youngest, daughter Jennifer will attend Dublin High School in the fall. As VHS is Dublin’s continuation high school, Paula’s contributions to the site have been almost immeasurable. Given your commitment to Valley High School, what does this recognition really mean to you?

Dublin Unified School District Volunteer Recognition Event 2013 - 2Paula Allen: “I am honored to receive this award and I also believe that Valley High is one of the best schools in the Bay Area. Taking kids that don’t fit the typical mold and showing them how to be diamonds and rock stars is great. There are not many places that are able to say this and the honor or receiving this award is such a privilege.” With all of your experiences as a parent volunteer, what made you feel that you were making an impact?

Allen: “The kids are what make the biggest impact. When one shares some time to take and make frozen waffles and sausages for the students. The kids are so thrilled that breakfast is something that they enjoy – you can’t help but to be happy to volunteer. Also, being with the students during large events, such as Every 15 minutes and Challenge Day were very meaningful. These are the things that I will never forget.” Anything else that you would like to add?

Allen: “Each of us has the ability to make a difference. Don’t think of why not to do things, but that these little things you do can make a difference for the school that you believe in.”

We invited Valley High School Principal, Rinda Bartley, to offer her thoughts. “Paula has been Valley’s most vigilant guardian angel for many years. She has been our one-woman PFC, organizing fund raisers, speaking at gatherings of Valley parents to urge their involvement and networking in the community on our behalf. Though her time as an active volunteer at Valley has drawn to a close, she will always be a member of the Valley family.”

Rosemary and husband Rob celebrated their 26th anniversary on Tuesday. They are the proud parents of three boys, two that have graduated from Dublin High and one that will enroll there in the fall. For over a decade, Ms. Brassea has been involved in virtually every facet of activities at Neilsen Elementary, Dublin Elementary, Wells Middle School and at Dublin High. She has assumed various roles from Fall Festivals, Haunted Houses, Band Boosters to Senior Banquets. She currently serves as the co-President of the Wells Middle School PFC and has also enlisted to be a parent representative for the DHS class of 2017. As a long time supporter of the district and its schools, how has your activism enhanced your experience as a parent?

Dublin Unified School District Volunteer Recognition Event 2013 - 1Rosemary Brassea: “I feel that being active in all the schools has kept me aware as a parent of what’s going on in my kid’s lives. As our kids get older, we are sometimes inclined to disconnect and I’ve found that by volunteering, I have stayed connected with my kids and with others and their parents.” Can you identify moments that mean the most to you during your many years of service? Please explain.

Brassea: “I don’t recall a particular moment. I’ve known that it was worth it when I’ve received a “thank you” from the students. I’ve also received some nice comments from the band kids.” This was a district-wide honor. What was your reaction to receiving this award?

Brassea: “I’d sum up my feelings by saying that I’m just very grateful. I don’t do it for the glory. Honestly, I’m just as happy with a simple “thank you.”

Wells Middle School Principal Kevin Grier and Dublin High School Principal Carol Shimizu offered their thoughts on this recognition. Grier: “Rosemary is one of the hardest working and most humble parent volunteers that I have had the privilege to work with in my nearly 20 years in education. Tireless, diligent, respectful and caring are just a few of the many adjectives that could use to describe her. What a great person!”

Shimizu: “Rosemary is tremendously giving of her time and talent in a calm, supportive manner. She generously volunteers wherever she is needed and throughout the years she has been one of the most active parents in the DUSD to the benefit of all students and families. Whenever help is needed, parents know that Rosemary will make the time to assist in any way that she can.”

To close out the evening, we are paraphrasing Superintendent Stephen Hanke. He stated that “there are scores of parents across the District that willingly devote their time to their respective sites. Frankly, these parents and guardians are the reason why many of our programs “go.” salutes both Paula Allen and Rosemary Brassea for enhancing the experience for hundreds of students over the years and to help their schools go forward.


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