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Dublin High School Alum Praises Engineering Academy Training

April 19, 2013

by Jeff Dyer (Dublin High School Class of 2012 and Oregon State University freshman)

Jeff with his dad

Jeff with his dad

I graduated from Dublin High School in 2012. I now attend Oregon State University (OSU) and am studying Mechanical Engineering. Last quarter, I took a 3D modeling class in which we used a program called SolidWorks. While I was at Dublin High School, I was fortunate enough to take two engineering classes that were offered: Principles of Engineering and Introduction to Engineering Design.

In the Dublin High Engineering Design class, I became very familiar with Autodesk Inventor Pro which is another 3D modeling application. Inventor Pro and SolidWorks operate in a very similar way, so in my 3D modeling class here at OSU, I was ahead of many people and finished assignments quickly, yet thoroughly, due to the single fact that I had previous knowledge of how to use a similar program.



I am very happy that I did in fact take those two Dublin High School Engineering Academy classes because they are helping me get through some of my engineering classes in college. I know Dublin High now offers more than just two engineering classes, and I strongly suggest that students enroll in some of these classes if they are considering going into engineering. You may not be able to take all of the classes and that’s fine, but, if you can figure out what type of engineer you want to be, you should take those classes that are going to pertain more to your type of engineering.

As a Mechanical Engineering major, it was a good choice for me to take the design class because mechanical engineers deal with the design of products that move. Dublin High School has helped me excel in college, not only in my general ed classes, but also my major specific classes. Take advantage of the classes that are offered in high school because those skills that you learn in your high school classes may give you an edge over your competitors in college, and in the real world finding a job.

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