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Dublin 7th Graders Teach Family Members Adult Hands-Only CPR

March 22, 2013

Adults Hands Only CPR Alameda County EMS and Dublin Unified School District

7th graders across Dublin are learning a special skill this year – adults hands-only CPR. Dublin Unified School District and school districts across the East Bay, in partnership with Alameda County, created the CPR 7 program to teach 7th graders and their family members a simple, life-saving skill. When your student comes home with the CPR 7 kit set aside 15 minutes to learn the skill your child learned in school, even if you have already taken CPR training in the past.

The Alameda County Emergency Medical Service is working to increase the bystander CPR rate from 28% to 60% in 3 years; participating in this program with your 7th grader will help achieve this goal. After participating in the 15-minute training your child will ask you to sign a form acknowledging your participation.

The CPR 7 kit includes a training DVD, a model for practicing adult hands-only CPR and additional material from the American Heart Association. According to the CPR 7 training material, the most common reason given for not performing CPR is a fear of harming the person in distress; you don’t need to be afraid to help – your 7th grader will guide you through the 15 minutes of training.

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  1. March 22, 2013 9:25 am

    Awesome. We hope to do this with our GirlScout troop.

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