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Dougherty Elementary Chalk Art Festival Celebrates Dublin Integrity in Action

October 16, 2012

Dougherty Elementary School, under the leadership of new principal Brett Nelson, recently held its first annual Dublin Integrity In Action Chalk Festival. The focus of the activity was to encourage students to work together to create a mural, apply learnings from Dublin’s character education curriculum, and most importantly have fun.

Teacher Irene Fong on her class’ participation in the school-wide project, “Wow! What a wonderful project for our students. The theme was Dublin Integrity and I am so proud of my class because they exhibited the exact character traits that we are emphasizing.

“Students volunteered to come in during recess to create their drafts. After recess, students voted on which drawing to use. When the winning drawing was announced, everyone cheered for the winner and the winner actually congratulated the other illustrators, exhibiting great sportsmanship (Positive Attitude, Giving, Doing My Best, Caring, Cooperation, Respect).

“Many students gave up their lunch time to come and create the drawing on the selected square (in our case, Caring, Giving, Responsible). I selected a student leader to be in charge and walked away. The next time I looked out of my window, I saw a group of Room 22 students working together, each doing their part and completing the project within the given time. There were no arguments and a lot of team work (Respect, Positive Attitude, Doing My Best, Responsibility, Caring, Giving, Trustworthy, Cooperation, Self Discipline, Honesty)

“I am extremely proud of my class for demonstrating all the Dublin Integrity in Action Traits during the completion of this project.”

It looks like a dry week so the Dougherty Elementary School community should have several more days to enjoy the student chalk art (see below).

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