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Dublin High School Robotics Wins Gold at RoboGames 2012 Competition

April 25, 2012

Dublin High School Gaels Robotics Club, restless in the off season from Vex Competitions, decided to participate in the world’s largest robot competition at the 9th annual 2012 International RoboGames hosted at the San Mateo Fairgrounds on April 20-22.

RoboGames draws thousands of people internationally and three Dublin High teams entered their creations in three categories; ArtBot-Painting, ArtBot-Musical and LegoPush. The competition had over 60 categories and 20+ countries present. Dublin High School Gaels Robotics’ “ROBART” entry brought home the Gold Medal for the ArtBot-Painting category!

“ROBART” was created by Dublin High School students Joshua Price and Zoie MacDugall, and was programmed to autonomously paint an abstract picture on a 9×9 paper canvas in about 7 minutes. With no pre-conceived outcome in mind, brainstorming sessions began on March 23rd, with artistic input offered by honorary team member, Amanda Price, a 2008 Dublin High graduate, to help identify the most effective medium and canvas materials. All design and programming sessions were documented in the team’s notebook which was also critiqued by the judges.

“It was an awesome day being surrounded by so much talent from all over the world. The press from our namesake city Dublin, Ireland was there and it was fun to share our success with new friends from different countries.” says Teri Price, Robotics Club Mom / volunteer.

The Dublin High School entry, ROBART, was comprised of Vex parts, motors and batteries along with some recycled material for paint trays. ROBART was built with four different paint mechanisms on each side: 2 spray paint canisters (gold and orange), a custom stamp with a walking man dipped in lime green acrylic paint, a 3-inch form brush dipped in black acrylic paint and a traditional 4 inch paintbrush dipped in pink acrylic paint.

RoboGames was founded by David Calkins and Simone Davalos, who have managed to keep the event going for 9 years without outside funding. David is a former professor of robotics at San Francisco State University and likes to program microchips. Simone is a former manager of the LongNow foundation, and likes to blow stuff up.

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Watch as ROBART autonomously creates a painting:

ROBART’s autonomously created robot artwork:

The scouting team of Smart Dog Media, a division of NBC from Universal City, met with the Dublin High School Gael Robotics team while looking for talent for their upcoming sci-fi TV show about robots:

The Dublin High School ROBART Team getting ready to compete at RoboGames 2012:

Dublin High School Gaels Robotics ROBART Display Table:

Dublin High School Gaels Robotics’ Kimberli Zhong with team member Rik Reddy lining up their Tube Push Robot at the starting block:

Dublin High School Gaels Robotics’ Rik Reddy, Kimberli Zhong, Vijay Mittal, and Mehdi Khairalla with their Tube Push Robot (Akshay Aitha not pictured). Their robot was designed to move autonomously through a maze while picking up tubes.

Dublin High School Gaels Robotics’ Evan Cornelius and Elizabeth Child working on their MusicBot (Julian Wilkinson not pictured). Their robot was designed to play the Star Wars Theme and Sha Na Na (Hey Hey Goodbye) on metal chimes.

RoboGames 2012 “Robo Greeters”

  1. Teri Price permalink
    April 25, 2012 8:28 am

    So proud of our kids for all their dedication to make this project a success! Love having my house full of creative minds and busy hands. Their energy is inspiring and contagious! Go Dublin!


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