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MythBusters Adam Savage and Kari Byron Meet Dublin High and Fallon Students

March 1, 2012

Before the doors opened for the Dublin High School Engineering and Design Academy Open House last Wednesday, a lucky group of Dublin High School and Fallon Midde School students had a chance to meet MythBusters stars Adam Savage and Kari Byron. The students spent weeks preparing for the event, creating science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) “Demonstration Stations” to entertain, inspire and educate the hundreds of community members waiting to enter the sold out event. In addition to the Demonstration Stations, Dublin High School students also designed and built a suspension bridge built out of duct tape as part of the National Engineers Week 2012 festivities (read more…). asked the students and their teachers what it was like to meet the MythBusters. Thanks to Marc Davis and for the photographs and for the video.

Eugene Chou – teacher – Dublin High School – “The students were both excited and nervous about meeting Adam and Kari. They had worked so hard and spent weeks preparing, so it was great to see all the preparation pay off with a successful event. For many of them, the MythBusters show inspires their interest in science and engineering, so to be able to share their knowledge and projects with them was like a dream come true.”

Lizz Child – student – Dublin High School – “I am so grateful that engineering and National Engineers Week provided me with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Who would have thought that an interest in a high school robotics club would lead to meeting amazing people such as Adam Savage and Kari Byron! I didn’t but I’m glad I took the initiative and gave it a try. I encourage all students to try something different and new because they will never be able to experience the rewarding opportunities otherwise. It was so amazing to be able to talk to and show our abilities to somebody who was an emcee at the 2011 VEX Robotics World Championships.” (Lizz was also interviewed by ABC 7 News)

Kana Mishra – student – Fallon Middle School – “It was an amazing experience to meet the Myth Busters in person. I couldn’t believe that I talked to the MythBusters. It was like a dream come true. Never had I thought that I would one day be able to talk to the MythBusters because of my interest in engineering. I really enjoyed meeting Adam and Kari.”

Joy Chien – teacher – Fallon Middle School – “My students have been putting in A LOT of hours programming and building their robots for the FIRST LEGO League tournament. It was nice for them to show off the fruit of their hard work to the hosts of MythBusters and the public. It was great when Adam mentioned to the students that he just built a LEGO VW recently. Adults can play with LEGO, too! It was an honor for our club to be invited to present at the MythBusters event. I think most of my students walked away with the disbelief that they actually spoke with Adam and Kari.”

Kaushik Kasi – student – Dublin High School – “I really learned that I should pursue my passions in what I’m interested in, especially after seeing what their [the MythBusters] original ambitions were, and what they ended up doing which is the MythBusters show. That was pretty cool because none of them really wanted to become a MythBuster.” (NBC Bay Area News)

Mehdi Khairalla – student – Dublin High School – “Since the MythBusters were really my inspiration to become an engineer it was really cool to see them up close and in person, the people who inspired me.” (CBS 5 News)

Eric Turner – student – Dublin High School – “I thought the event was a fantastic showcase of our students and our abilities and I believe that hopefully as our engineering program advances, we can lead the department and set an example to other schools in the Tri-valley. I believe that the event finally showed what we have worked so hard for and deserve. I thought it was a dream come true to talk to the people who I’ve joyfully watched on TV for years. I talked about the class and I showed Adam and Kari different projects that we’ve done so far.”

Michael Tran – student – Fallon Middle School – “I thought this experience was a fun and educative one. They definitely showed their creative side that night when they came to our booth: ‘Spaghetti and Marshmallow Structure’. Adam showed me another way to build our base that I had not thought of. It was really fun seeing them and it made me want to be an engineer just a little more that I used to.”

Joshua Price – student – Dublin High School – “Meeting Adam and Kari before the event was an awesome experience. It was exciting to see that we shared similar interests and that I might be like them when I’m older. I was at the VEX Robotics table and Kari emceed the VEX Robotics World Championships last year and announced this years game. I have major bragging rights now, whenever someone brings up the show I can say ‘I talked to them!'”

Below is video of the Dublin High School and Fallon Middle School students sharing their Demonstration Stations with MythBusters Adam Savage and Kari Byron.

The Dublin students joined twenty organizations participating in the event including UC Berkeley, San Jose State University, City College of San Francisco, Las Positas College, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Chevron, DUSD and Tri-Valley ROP.

  1. Lizz Child permalink
    March 2, 2012 7:26 am

    Um, the news station had gotten it wrong. His name is Mehdi Khairalla not Hadi Carrola…
    Thank you for posting this though! It was a great experience!

    • permalink
      March 2, 2012 7:45 am

      Thanks for catching that! Corrected.


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