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Advertisements Named City of Dublin’s 2011 Organization of the Year

February 27, 2012, along with volunteers and organizations from across the City of Dublin, was recognized Friday night for striving to better the lives of Dublin residents through service. was honored to be recognized as the City of Dublin’s Organization of the Year for 2011. The recognition comes with a $500 monetary award which donated to Dublin High School. Dublin High Interact and Child Care Links were also nominated for 2011 Organization of the Year. Dublin High School senior Rachel Reed was recognized as the 2011 Young Citizen of the Year and Edwin Osada was recognized  as the 2011 Citizen of the Year. The annual event was held at the Shannon Center, where nominated citizens and organizations, and their guests, enjoyed an evening of festivities. A full list of all award winners and the nomination letters is available here.

Below is the nomination submitted by a Dublin parent that led to being recognized as the City of Dublin’s 2011 Organization of the Year:

To the Organization of the Year award committee,

As an eleven year resident of Dublin, California, I would like to nominate for the 2011 Organization of the Year title., founded by James Morehead in 2009, is an ongoing independent source of education information that inspires parents and students to succeed in school by showcasing Dublin’s education excellence. It is 100% parent-volunteer run and funded. Ongoing activities include publication of 450 online articles, more than 100 videos, and interviews that promote information on colleges and careers, as well as community events geared to those involved in Dublin schools. In the past year has been a major player in bringing together the community and mobilizing citizens for discussion and action on important issues and decision-making. Their website, YouTube channel, and Facebook pages have received over 150,000 views, thousands of fans, and continues to grow in support.

Among many topics covered by, examples of 2011 achievements include:

  • Life in College series of articles in which 12 Dublin High grads have written about their first semester in college. These articles have inspired students at Dublin High to apply to schools DHS alumni are attending such as Harvard,  Stanford, Columbia, West Point, Penn State, and several UC schools.
  • Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math  (STEM) series of articles with successful women in STEM fields to inspire Dublin students including interviews with Maria Klawe – President of Harvey Mudd College, Kari Byron of the television show Myth Busters, Johanna Wright – Google Product Management
  • Hundreds of Articles and interviews from DUSD teachers, students, and Dublin alumni which spotlight some of our cities talented and dedicated teachers. These articles have received thousands of hits on’s website.
  • College Primer for Parents – information regarding college which is specifically tailored for Dublin parents and students.

Although I’d like to recognize all volunteers who are so important to the success of our community, deserves this award title because it has created a unique venue for a safe, non-partisan forum (both online and in town hall settings) by dispersing information to our residents. There is no other organization like this in Dublin which brings people together by respecting differences and avoiding controversy. fills a need which had been unmet in our growing community. It’s an innovative and dynamic local organization and is truly all about and all around Dublin!

Thank you for considering this nomination,

Xavier Chabot

City of Dublin 2011 Volunteer Recognition Program

Certificate of Congressional Recognition Presented to 2011 Organization of the Year

  1. Kerrie Chabot permalink
    February 27, 2012 1:29 pm

    Well deserved, James!

  2. Arzu permalink
    February 27, 2012 1:49 pm

    Congratulations James, and thank you for everything you do for the Dublin schools!!


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