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Dublin High School Launches Academic Ambassadors Volunteer Program

November 7, 2011

Dublin High School Academic Ambassadors

Dublin High School recently launched the Dublin High Academic Ambassadors Program, providing Dublin High students at all grade levels the opportunity to give back to the community, share their experiences at Dublin High and inspire elementary and middle school students to succeed academically. Just weeks into the school year, 50 Dublin High students have enrolled in the program, which has both academic and extracurricular requirements. Families attending the Green Elementary School Fall Festival earlier this year have already seen Dublin High Academic Ambassadors in action along with other DHS student volunteers.

Dublin High School Ambassador Japna Kalra, “The Dublin High School Academic Ambassadors Program is a chance for students to represent their high school and give back to the community. The program is meant to get Dublin High students involved in activities at other Dublin schools. This allows us to unify the schools, and extend the influence that Dublin High students hold on younger generations. Our goal is to serve as role models, showing young Dublin students our commitment to academics. Through tutoring opportunities, we want our Ambassadors to interact with these students, to help strengthen their foundations. We want younger students to confidently pursue academics in their upcoming grade levels, especially coming in to high school.”

Japna continues, “This is our plan to keep Dublin students, at all grade levels, strong and focused throughout the city. We want to give future Dublin High students a preview of what our school is about, and an early start in thinking about their futures. We are students who recognize the benefits Dublin High School has offered our education, and are paying them forward. recently met with Dublin High Assistant Principal Theresa Young and caught up with a Dublin High Ambassador volunteering at the Green Elementary School Fall Festival to learn more:

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Dublin High School Academic Ambassador - Volunteer at the Green Elementary School Fall Festival 2011

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