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FLOCCAL After School Enrichment Program Builds Leadership Skills

June 5, 2011

There are numerous books, seminars and training courses to help adults develop leadership skills. What if developing those skills could happen much earlier, in a structured but fun way? Rob Bedi, Director of The FLOCCAL Foundation (Future Leaders of College, Career and Life), believed it is possible to teach children leadership skills and with colleagues developed a unique after school enrichment program.

The idea behind FLOCCAL was formed about five years ago when Dublin parent Rob Bedi and several friends were attending a conference in Orlando. They spoke about their young children, the enormous multi-year investment all parents make in raising their children, and the stress parents feel worrying about whether or not their children will find happiness and success.

The FLOCCAL Program, in partnership with schools and parents, will be at 11 school sites this Fall (including Dublin) and focuses on “The Essential Eight” leadership skills: Self-Confidence, Self-Motivation, Prioritized Action, Perseverance, Collaboration, Contribution, Adaptability, Leadership as well as communication skills and public speaking.

Knowing that they are competing with many other after school activities (including video games), FLOCCAL seeks first to entertain so that students engage in the material and are ready to be educated. FLOCCAL classes are held once a week for 75 minutes with a maximum 12:1 student to coach ratio. Coaches are predominantly chosen from within the school’s existing faculty with a focus on selecting enthusiastic individuals who have a strong desire to help develop young leaders. Both of Rob’s children are currently enrolled in the FLOCCAL Program in Dublin. recently met with Rob Bedi to learn more about FLOCCAL:

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