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Valley High School: A Model Continuation School

March 20, 2011

Valley High School Principal Rinda Bartley

Dublin is home to four high schools that serve a diversity of needs – Dublin High School, Valley Christian School, Quarry Lane School and Valley High School. Arguably the least understood of these schools is Valley High School, a continuation high school that was recognized by the State Board of Education as a “Model Continuation School” in 2010. More than 69,000 students in California attend 509 continuation high schools. Only 53 of those schools – now including Valley High School – have been recognized as Model Continuation Schools (read more…).

To learn more about the role continuation and alternative high schools play in public education, recently met with Valley High School principal Rinda Bartley, as well as several students. We learned that common misconceptions about Valley High School – and continuation schools in general – are deeply ingrained in the community and not based in fact or the experience of the teachers and staff that work at Valley High.

Valley High School Student Artwork

Valley High School Classroom

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