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Bell Schedule Changes Coming in February for All Dublin Public Schools

January 23, 2011

Every parent of a Dublin public school student is soon to be affected by a change in the bell schedule (the start and/or release times for students).

In order to accommodate increased collaboration time for teachers, while increasing instructional minutes for students, a mid-year bell change is going into effect on Tuesday February 22 (all elementary and high schools) and February 28 (all middle schools).

Parents should have received (or will shortly be receiving) more information directly from their school site. The bell change has two impacts:

  • lengthening the school day by five minutes (by starting earlier or ending later, varying by school site)
  • on one day a month ending school early to allow for teacher collaboration time

The changes being implemented February 22 will continue for the 2011-12 school year.

DUSD Superintendent Stephen Hanke published a letter on the changes (available here) where it is stated: “Collaboration, where the teachers have a structured time to work together, is research-based and is proven to have a positive benefit for students. This time allows teachers to share best practices, discuss curricular and student concerns, analyze data, work with peers from other departments, and support at-risk students.  This leads to continued improved student performance through more effective delivery of instruction.”

The five collaboration days (all Wednesdays) for all Dublin public elementary and high schools are as follows.  These days will be early release days (the early release time varies by school site).

  • February 23, March 9, March 23, April 13, May 18

Below are links to letters sent home to parents that have also been made available online detailing changes to the bell schedule:

Dougherty Elementary School

Dublin Elementary School

  • No information was available online at the time of this writing.

Frederiksen Elementary School

Green Elementary School

Murray Elementary School

Fallon School (K-8)

Wells Middle School

Dublin High School

Valley High School

  • No information was available online at the time of this writing.