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Dublin High School ’72 Grad Dennis Jones Combines Beatlemania and the Law

September 26, 2010

Dennis Neil Jones on Guitar recently spoke with Dennis Neil Jones – a Dublin High School Class of 1972 graduate whose life after graduation proves that hard work makes it possible to fulfill your dreams.  In Dennis’ case, those dreams included a love for music and a passion for the law. As Dennis put it, “get as much education as you can – all stats show that income is tied to the education you get – have the tenacity and discipline to work hard and you’ll succeed.” 

Dennis did just that – and after graduating with the first 4-year Dublin High class he went on to complete an Undergraduate Degree in Public Relations at the University of Southern California (USC) in 1976, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from USC in 1978 and finally a Law Degree from the University of San Diego (USD) in 1983.  Dennis noted: “DHS prepared me well for college. I received several academic  scholarships to USC, followed later by a graduate  school fellowship and then a law school fellowship.” 

Dennis spent much of his childhood growing up in Dublin (his family moved to Dublin in 1964), graduating with Dublin High’s first full 4-year class and experiencing Dublin High’s first new buildings (buildings that are now being replaced as part of the $120 million Dublin High renewal project).  While Dublin High’s first campus was being built, Dennis and his classmates were bussed to Amador Valley High School (in Pleasanton). 

Student Body President (1972)

While at Dublin High, Dennis was a role model for getting involved and taking advantage of everything Dublin High has to offer students – here is just a partial list of Dennis’ achievements while at Dublin High: 

  • Elected Student Body President
  • Captain of the Junior Varsity Basketball, leading the team to win the first athletic trophy for a young Dublin High athletic program
  • Editor of the Dublin Shield (Dublin High’s student newspaper)
  • President of the Dublin Youth Council (which organized activities for Dublin teens, including booking the 70s classic band Tower of Power to play at Dublin High – for the grand total of $350 in 1971)

Dennis credits his success in college to the Dublin High teaching staff of the time, in particular his Stanford-educated German teacher Cheryl Volmert (born Cheryl Roosevelt, great-niece of President Franklin D. Roosevelt). 

Dennis’ passion for music continued through high school, college and beyond.  After graduating from USD’s Law School, Dennis formed Tom Thumb and the Hitchhikers (an 11-piece band that still goes strong today), and in 2006 formed Sgt. Pepper – a Beatles and British invasion tribute band – with the help of Dublin High alumni Tom Kolb (43 years after Dennis and Tom first met at a Dublin teen dance).  If the last name “Kolb” sounds familiar, it’s because Tom Kolb’s family goes back multiple generations in Dublin providing the name for Kolb Park and Kolb Elementary School (opening Sept. 2011).  Sgt. Pepper also showcases seasoned musicians Lynn Coulter and Bill Horn. 

Dennis lives on a small ranch in upper Ojai, California with his wife of 20 years, and two teenage daughters.  Dennis is a partner in the Ventura-based law firm of Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones & Schneider, L.L.P.  Dennis was the 2008 President of the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association. 

A sample of Sgt. Pepper’s playing the Beatles classic “Drive My Car” is available here

Sgt. Pepper Playing at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

  1. Don Williamson permalink
    October 1, 2010 4:13 pm

    Many times I’ve pondered “did I put forth enough effort?” As a 1971 graduate of Dublin High hard work alone will not get you very far! Think about those of us who stayed off drugs and alcohol yet circumstances just didn’t work out. There are many reasons one succeeds or fails and to say hard work will always guarantee success is false. I worked hard and at times harder than most but never achieved the success others had. Was it that I was disabled? No or at least I hope not. Who can say, only it wasn’t for not working hard or at least I was never let go for being lazy. HARD WORK is a myth and only those in charge actually know what’s needed to impress them.


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