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Dublin High Gallery of Visual Artists

January 30, 2010

Leyla I., Grade 11, Sculpture & Ceramics, untitled.

Dublin High offers diverse options for students – from AP math to visual and performing arts.  This article spotlights 14 examples of budding Dublin High artists who are part of Dublin High’s Visual Arts program.  Students can currently choose from the following electives (described below in more detail) : Drawing I, Sculpture & Ceramics, Two Dimensional Design, ROP Animation & Motion Graphics and ROP Visual Communications. 

Take a moment to enjoy our virtual gallery of Dublin High artists. 

Detailed overview of the Dublin High Performing Arts program (source: Dublin High Course Catalog, 2009-10): 

Simon C., Grade 12, 2-D Design, untitled.


Grade Level: 9-12
College Prep: Fulfills CSU/UC Visual or Performing Arts requirement 

Learn how to draw anything you can see, including people, or whatever you can imagine for that matter. Discover the laws of perspective, how to judge proportion, and to create the illusion of 3-dimensional space with realistic shadows. Learn how to mix colors, and to use them to express yourself.  This is an entry level course, with no prior experience necessary. Each sequential step of the curriculum is designed to build confidence, and to lay the foundation for free self expression. Students create their own personal portfolios, and have the opportunity to show their work in the Dublin Gallery.  Knowing how to draw is no less than learning how to see, and that is the fundamental knowledge underlying all the visual arts. This is a great course to lay the foundation for other art courses, and to discover your own interest in the visual art fields.  This course may be repeated for elective credit. 

Oleg H., Grade 10, Sculpture & Ceramics, untitled.


Grade Level: 9-12
College Prep: Fulfills CSU/UC Visual or Performing Arts requirement 

Take matter into your own hands . . .  learn how to make pottery and sculpture from earth’s clay! Discover the magic of fire, as it turns mud into stone with temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, (think molten lava!). Learn how to coat your creations with beautiful translucent glazes that you’ve mixed yourself from nature’s minerals and oxides.   No prior experience in art or ceramics is required. Demonstrations and slide shows will be an ongoing part of a curriculum presentation which is designed to build a skill base and confidence level that will enable students to explore their own creative interests and potentials.  Students will produce a digitally photographed portfolio of their work, and have the opportunity to show their work in the Dublin Gallery as well.  This course teaches students a functional knowledge and practical mastery of the complex material we call ceramics, and teaches how to integrate this understanding with the creative potential that is not only latent in it, but in all of us as well.  This course may be repeated for elective credit. 


Grade Level: 9-12
College Prep: Fulfills CSU/UC Visual or Performing Arts requirement 

Explore a variety traditional media such as painting, printmaking, pen and ink, calligraphy and collage in this hands-on course. The elements of art and the principles of design are the basis for which students learn creative self expression. Slide presentations, guest artists and demonstrations supplement class lessons. Students also learn about the visual arts from a historical and cultural perspective.  This course provides a solid foundation for the beginning artist while still providing a challenge for the advanced artist.  Tis course may be repeated for elective credit. 

Dublin High Love in Milkquarious Contest Entry

Frame from "Got Milk" ROP Animation entry.




School Site: Dublin
Grade Level: 10-12
Length: 1 Year/2 hours per day
Graduation: Fulfills Applied Arts requirement 

Explore the art and science of visual motion with the 11 principles of animation. Students follow the professional animation project pipeline method moving from organizing their concepts in storyboards to refining their ideas through animatics to final polished animations.  Design projects for such media as the Internet, DVD, TV, film, iPod, Cell Phones and other mobile devices. Study the use of animation in other fields such as scientific molecular models and mechanical simulations. (Senior priority). 

The shortlisted “Got Milk” contest entry from the Dublin High ROP Animation & Motion Graphics team is available here

Poster for Drama Club production.


School Site: Dublin
Grade Level: 10-12
Length: 1 Year/2 hours per day  
College Prep: Fulfills CSU/UC “f” req. for VPA
Credit by Exam—Las Positas College 

Visual Communications (Print Graphics) offers both a theoretical and applied academic foundation to graphic art and traditional art.  This comprehensive program emphasizes the fundamentals of the elements of art and design.  The ability to plan and create original works of art will be developed through research, analysis, and critique.  Students will express their original creativity visually and develop and showcase their ability to communicate ideas through visual arts communications. Students will have the opportunity to design and produce projects for clients using computer graphic design software.  A portfolio will be generated that can be used to demonstrate their abilities for college entrance or employment in the visual arts field.  

More impressive examples of Dublin High artistic talent: 

Leyla I., Grade 11, Sculpture & Ceramics, untitled.


Mia B., Grade 11, 2-D Design, "Negative Space"


Alyse C., Grade 11, Sculpture & Ceramics, "The Gift"


Kira C., Grade 11, 2-D Design, "Landscape Watercolor"


Jason L., Grade 12, Sculpture & Ceramics, untitled.


Calvin F., Grade 11, Drawing, "Origami"


Jason L., Grade 12, Sculpture & Ceramics, "Why"


Marina F., Grade 11, 2-D Design, "Runners"


Ariel G., Gade 11, Sculpture & Ceramics, "Blooming Egg"


Richard W. Grade 10, Drawing, "Wine and Pineapples"


Oleg H., Grade 10, 2-D Design, untitled.



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    February 4, 2010 8:15 pm

    Thank you James for highlighting our DHS student’s work on the OneDublin website. Our students are amazing and this is a wonderful example of the great things our kids do, every day at Dublin High School.


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