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Dublin High School Growth Brings 16 New Classes for 2015-16 School Year

January 31, 2015

As Dublin High School students make course selections for the 2015-16 school year, they’ll have 16 more courses to choose from. Dublin High’s Advanced Placement program is expanding along with visual and performing arts, language programs, athletics, applied arts, life sciences and social studies. The current Dublin High School course catalog is available here.

A summary of the new 2015-16 courses are available below:

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Forever Plaid and Taffetas Starts Run Tonight at The Firehouse Arts Center

January 30, 2015

Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre - Forever Plaid - 15Pacific Coast Repertory Theatre is opening not one, but two terrific shows this week, presenting Forever Plaid and Taffetas performed in repertory (alternating nights).

The shows will run from January 30th, 2014 through February 15th, 2015: Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. All performances will take place at Firehouse Arts Center, located at 4444 Railroad Avenue in Pleasanton, CA. Tickets are $17-$38 each, and are available at the Firehouse Arts Center Box Office, by phone at (925) 931-4848, or online at or was invited for exclusive access during dress rehearsals – here is a preview of the fun awaiting you at the Firehouse Arts Center:

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Valley High School Counselor Liz Buckley Honored by Tri-Valley YMCA

January 28, 2015
Liz Buckley

Valley High School Counselor Liz Buckley

In every January, the Tri-Valley YMCA convenes to commemorate individuals and groups that have made meaningful contributions to our community. It is not a coincidence that this ceremony occurs close to the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This civil rights leader was known for many things, not the least of which was his march on Washington D.C. and his subsequent “I Have a Dream” speech delivered on the National Mall. While the stirring words from this message are easily recounted in our minds, Dr. King had thoughts on other subjects.

“Not everyone can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.” These words by Dr. King serve as an appropriate backdrop to the event. For 15 years, the Tri-Valley YMCA has celebrated the contributions of many community volunteers. They have hosted a Fellowship Breakfast and this year it occurred at the Doubletree Hotel in Pleasanton on Monday.

Local dignitaries including former Mayor of Dublin Tim Sbranti, Lars Ho-Tseung, TV YMCA Board Chair and former Oakland Raider Napoleon Kaufman offered words of wisdom. Additional honorees included Dale Eldridge Kaye, CEO of the Tri-Valley Leadership Group and members of the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department/ACFD for their work in the Toys for Tots program. However, this day belongs with Ms. Buckley.

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Dublin High School’s Malina Jiang Discovers Computer Science at Stanford University

January 26, 2015
Stanford University student and Dublin High School alum Malina Jiang

Malina Jiang

The latest entry in both the Life in College and Women in STEM series of articles profiles Dublin High School Class of 2013 valedictorian and Stanford University Class of 2017 sophomore Malina Jiang. Malina talks about how she became passionate about computer science, earned a place in Stanford, and landed her first engineering internship at WorkDay. At what point did you discover a passion for computer science?

Malina Jiang: “While at Dublin High School I always thought I’d be in a STEM field, originally in math. It was college where I had my first exposure to computer science, in one of my first classes. I definitely want to credit all my teachers at Dublin High for keeping me interested in science, math and technology throughout high school.

“My first computer science class piqued my interest, but it was after my second CS class, and learning about recursion, when I really became interested in CS as a major.” Were there any classes at Dublin High School that stand out?

Jiang: “I remember my AP Chemistry and AP Physics classes, which were two of my favorite classes in high school. My AP Physics teacher, Ms. Lewis, was really engaging and showed how the concepts could be applied in the real world. Even though the material was hard, it was worth the struggle to understand the material.” How did you manage to survive an all AP curriculum for your junior and senior years?

Jiang: “I wanted to challenge myself and believed that I could succeed if I put in the effort. I also tried to really understand the material, not just memorize facts, because if you understand the material it’s a lot easier to reason off what you know than it is to keep a bunch of formulas in your head.”


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Studying Abroad in the City of Lights – from The University of Chicago to Paris

January 22, 2015
Andrew Song at the Arc de Triomphe

Andrew at the Arc de Triomphe

It’s been two years since Dublin High School Class of 2012 alum Andrew Song wrote about his transition to The University of Chicago. We recently caught up with Andrew after he completed studying abroad in Paris. Before we talk about your semester abroad in Paris, how about a quick update on how things are going at the University of Chicago?

Andrew Song: “I’m in my third year right now pursuing a major in economics, but am actually graduating at the end of this year. Coming into the University of Chicago I had a lot of AP credits. At Dublin High School I took a lot of AP courses and exams which satisfied many of my general requirements. The economics major program usually takes two years to complete in addition to the general requirements, but with so many general requirements taken care of with AP credits I was able to accelerate the process and will graduate this spring.” Describe economics and how the discipline is applied in the real world.

Song: “Economics is one of the disciplines that really ties things together. Concepts like supply and demand are applicable to understanding how many things work in the world. Economics is a social science, and unlike hard sciences like physics or chemistry, it is very hard to run perfectly controlled experiments that take into account every single relevant factor. Attending the University of Chicago helped me understand that in economics nothing goes perfectly and that there are many human factors to consider.

“It’s also interesting how trends emerge from multiple different factors. You can make generalizations using economics, but it is difficult to formulate ideal answers that perfectly capture all aspects of the issue you are trying to solve.” The University of Chicago is home to Freakonomics co-author Professor Steven Levitt. Have you been fortunate to have a class taught by Prof. Levitt in your time so far?

Song: “No, I haven’t! Prof. Levitt typically teaches the upper level students so I hope to be in one of his classes before I graduate.” At what point did you decide to include studying abroad as part of your experience, and how did you manage to do so while staying on track to graduate early?

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Valley High School Students Benefit from DPIE-Sponsored Workforce Boot Camp

January 20, 2015

Valley High School presentationA group of junior and senior level students at Valley High School are currently embarking on a journey – before they even graduate. Thanks to a collaboration between the Dublin Partners in Education (DPIE) and Valley High School, these students are being exposed to a myriad of career opportunities. Two times a week – after school, these students have committed themselves to attending a GearUP session in the school library. The hour-long sessions explores a wide variety of career options post-high school graduation. The Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) has maintained a “mantra” of delivering students that are both college or career ready. The GearUP program clearly represents the opportunity to educate some of its students about career possibilities.

Thanks to the invitation by Valley High School Counselor, Liz Buckley, we were able to observe a recent session on Thursday. The subject for this day was a career in the hospitality/food service industry. The guest speaker was the current General Manager at the Hyatt House property in Pleasanton, Ms. Marlene Fahrenkrog.

Marlene candidly shared her personal story. By her own admission, she was not a superlative high school student and had to work into the summer to complete her high school diploma. She attended college, but did not ultimately finish her degree. In the meantime, she moved to Northern California and started a family. While she had not fully formulated her career desires, she attained employment with the Marriott hotel chain and worked at the front desk. She immediately knew that this role would meet her passion of helping people. This led to many other opportunities within the hospitality industry – including roles in the sales segment. Ultimately, this has led into her current role as the General Manager of the Hyatt House property in the Hacienda Business Park in Pleasanton. It is a career that has spanned 23 years.

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Life at MIT – Dublin High’s Kimberli Zhong Rides Robotics to Boston’s Tech Paradise

January 12, 2015

by Kimberli Khong (Dublin High School Class of 2014 and MIT Class of 2018)

Kimberli Zhong

Kimberli Zhong

Though the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had always seemed like a perfect fit for me, I almost didn’t go there. A few days before the deadline, I filled out the enrollment confirmation form for a sunnier California school. But on the verge of clicking “Submit,” I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would be missing out.

I had first experienced MIT’s unique culture back in April, when I’d visited for Campus Preview Weekend. The four-day event consisted of 600+ student-run activities, including things like “Midnight Ultimate Frisbee,” “Blanket Fort Engineering,” and countless liquid nitrogen ice cream offerings and fraternity steak dinners—being there was truly like drinking from a firehose. Despite the intensity, MIT wasn’t arrogant or antisocial. I made close friends before I had even decided to “comMIT”, wandering around campus and playing Tetris on the Green Building at ungodly hours of the night. CPW showed me that though I could have received an excellent education from many other schools, it was only at MIT that I felt both comfortable and challenged.

So I hit the back button and flew back to Cambridge in the fall. I haven’t regretted the decision so far (but that may change now that my semester on Pass/No Record is over).

Life at MIT has been exhilarating. Students here love numbers, so I’ll list some: in my first few months here, I’ve stayed awake to see five sunrises, been to four other states, watched 22 Jump Street three times, experienced two days of Boston snow, and witnessed the construction of one roller coaster. I’ve met hundreds of new people, helped organize a thousand-student hackathon, and gained over ten thousand Snapchat points. MIT is full of people who love doing things and making stuff, and I’ve quickly become infected with their excitement.

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