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Congratulations Rachel Cooperstein – Dublin High Homecoming Queen 2010

October 16, 2010

Rachel Cooperstein with Homecoming King Nominees in the Homecoming Parade

The Dublin High School community knows that these three words describe the school: “inclusive”, “tolerant” and “spirit”.  Dublin High’s spirit came alive Friday evening in the form of Rachel Cooperstein.  Rachel, in front of shoulder-to-shoulder packed stands in Gael Stadium, was crowned Homecoming Queen by her fellow students.  For those in attendance it was an unforgettable moment.

Rachel was born with Down’s Syndrome but that didn’t discourage her from pursuing a dream to cheer for the school she loves.  Rachel wrote on her inspirational website Pretty Special World “I know I’m Downs, but I like UP better. Everybody can be UP Syndrome.”

Rachel was able to join the Dublin High Cheerleading Team for her senior year thanks to the inclusive policy of recently hired Dublin High Cheerleading Coach Kristine Cousins.  Ms. Cousins, interviewed earlier this year by (read more…), believes strongly that all students who want to participate in Cheer, and who are prepared to do the work, be allowed to join the team.  Kristine successfully applied this policy while coaching Cheer at Fallon School.  The result at both schools has been a significantly expanded Cheer program that breaks the stereotype of cheerleading as an exclusive clique.

At a time when intolerance, bullying and tragedy on high school campuses across the country has been dominating the news, it is important to share the positive role model that is Dublin High School.  Congratulations Rachel, you are truly the spirit of Dublin High School!

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Dublin High School Homecoming Queen Rachel Cooperstein (left side)

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