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Fallon School PFC Newsletter – Mid-March 2011

Fallon School Dates to Remember

Mon – February 28

  • 4-6 PM 6th Grade Mixer @Wells
  • 6:30-9 PM 7th/8th Grade@ Wells
March 21, 2011

  • MS – Early Release – 1:50 PM
March 23, 2011
  • Gr 1-5 Early Release – 2:00 PM

April 12

  • 6:30 Next PFC Meeting

Ongoing Programs

  • OpenHeart Weekend Lunch Program
  • Friday Ice Cream Sales (weather permitting)

***Important Tassajara Prep Town Hall Meeting***

March 23rd @ 6:30pm at Dublin High School’s library to update our community on the *Tassajara Prep Charter School*
Please attend this meeting if you have any questions.

THANK YOU STUDENTS, FAMILIES, AND TEACHERS for your participation and pledge efforts.  THE MINDS IN MOTION READ-A-THON was a success!

We had a fun time throughout this fundraising event celebrating the joy of reading. Kids loved to have parent come to read in class for Read In Day.    Students brought in so many books for Book Exchange Day for others and themselves to enjoy. We hope your child and family have benefited from the extra focus on reading.

We will be rewarding the students soon for their efforts and are hopeful to: (1) reach our school wide reading hour goal of 10,000 hours, and (2) receive donations to benefit the Elementary Library and the Middle School English Department! Therefore, please remember to turn in your child’s Out of Class Reading Log and Pledge Forms/Envelopes to their teachers by Mon., March 21.

It’s spring celebration time at Fallon! The PFC is hosting a…Mustang Round Up

A Fallon Community Celebration to celebrate our wonderful students & faculty, the amazing year we’ve had, and the excitement of Fallon transitioning into a dedicated Middle School and the opening of Kolb Elementary! What great reasons to have a fun, family event! More information will follow soon, so, please mark your calendars for Friday, May 20th from 4pm-8pm!

But to make this fantastic event happen we need parent volunteers to help! We’re looking for about 50 volunteers to help with everything from the event preparation and set up to the clean up! If you would like to know more about how you can help or are interesting in volunteering, please contact Nancy Chazen ( or Melinda Reed ( by 3/25!

Thanks to Fallon Parents’ generosity we were able to support the following programs this year:
  • Provided teachers/staff with apprx. $5,000 for classroom materials.
  • Supported the Character Education Program and Integrity in Action programs to encourage good citizenship approx. $4,000 Thanks to Kelly Zummo, School counselor for spearheading this valuable program!
  • Bought a mascot Costume for school spirit rallies~ $1000
  • Funded Accelerated Reader Program and Raz Kids Program to encourage reading and comprehension for all students –$3,000
  • Provided $30,000 in funding for a K-8 Grant Program to help meet school improvement goals through purchase of materials and enrichment resources.$15,000 to Middle School, $10,000 to K-5 and $5,500 for copy costs and office warehouse supplies.
  • Funded locker room security cages, a mural in the gym, & soon a protective floor covering for band competitions & other events  ~$4,000.
  • Funding for a new scoreboard in gym $5,000. Thanks to Chris Branson , Athletic director, for working tirelessly to get this problem resolved.
  • Helped with field trip costs – $600 and funded the Science fair for K-5 – $300.
  • We have also purchased over $7,000 in new library books with many books ordered for the new Kolb library $4,000. Thanks to our librarian Liana Smith for getting books ready for Kolb.
  • Providing over $1000 in funding for school hospitality programs, Pastries with Parsons, Kolb meetings, MS Conference Dinner etc…Thanks Billie Withrow and Jennifer Butler for chairing this committee.
  • Created handy student directory. Thanks to Amy Patterson and EPAC printing.

Fallon Community Volunteers Needed

Science Fair
March 30-31st
Thank you to all the students and their families for the tremendous turnout of participation! We can’t wait to see the student’s projects at the Science Fair! If you’d like to help us with the set up and clean up for the Science Fair we can still use your help on 3/30 and 3/31, so please contact the Science Fair chairperson, Zainab note that all of the student’s projects must be picked up by 3pm on Thursday, 3/31 – any projects that are left will be thrown away! Thanks for your support!

Morning With Mom
April 21st from 7:45-8:45am!
Calling all Fallon Dads! We hope you enjoyed your Donuts with Dad event last Fall and hope you’re willing to return the favor to all the deserving Fallon Moms/Grandmas/significant females by helping with the Morning with Mom event. We’re looking for a co-chairperson and helpers to organize, set up, serve, and clean up this fun morning! We’ll provide you with all the information and planning tools you need! We need about 10 volunteers, so grab some of your buddies and contact the chairperson, Tamra Spade (  by 3/31!

April 20th
We’ll need a chairperson and 6 volunteer to help with Spring Picture Day for K-8 students! Our Middle School volunteer shift is taken care of, but we need volunteers to assist with the elementary students from 8:15-3:00pm (working in 2 shifts) to bring students from the classroom to the Gym where the pictures will be taken and help ensure that the students are ready to be photographed. Please contact Nancy Chazen – or Melinda Reed – by 4/11 if you can help!

A Few More Library Helpers Needed
Are you looking for a quiet and peaceful way to volunteer at Fallon? Then we need your help in the library! We are in need of parent volunteers to assist Mrs. Smith (Fallon’s wonderful Library Media Technician) with putting new labels on the elementary book collection. While this is an easy project to work on (you’ll be taking off the old book labels and putting on the new ones) it is a much needed and appreciated project! If you’d like to help please contact Nancy Chazen ( or Melinda Reed ( Thank you!

Ice Cream Sales

We’re looking for parent volunteers to help with Ice Cream Sales on Fridays! This is a fun, quick, and easy way to help out at Fallon! You would come to the front of the Library at 2:40pm on Friday’s, work with another volunteer to help sell the ice cream treats to the students, help put away the ice cream cart and be finished around 3:20pm! You can even bring your younger siblings with you if needed! Please contact Sanie Brock ( if you’d like to be part of this cool team!

Yearbook Orders
Yearbook prices are now $30 a book. You can buy online at

Although the Josten’s photo deadline has passed and the majority of our yearbook is off to the printer, we will still accept pictures from key events in March such as the MINDS IN MOTION (Read-A-Thon), the Science Fair, or any class field trips.  March 31st is the firm deadline for these additional pictures.

Simply upload your pictures to
username: 400110622 password: elementary

Questions? Please contact Ewa David or

Elizabeth Early

We’ll be starting the planning process soon for the remaining PFC events (Teacher Appreciation Day on 5/2 and Field Day on 6/7) and we’d like your help in planning and executing these events! Please contact Nancy Chazen ( and Melinda Reed ( if you’re interesting in volunteering!

Kolb Elementary School Corner

The new temporary Kolb office is now open at
Dougherty Elementary School, Room 21.
Phone: 925.833.4270
Fax: 925.833.4279
Kolb Kindergarten Registration Completed!
Thank you all those who helped.
It went without a hitch! Woohoo!
The Kolb Parent Faculty Club (PFC) would like to welcome the families to Kolb Elementary! The PFC is an organization of parents, teachers, and school staff that supports and enhances the educational experience at Kolb by fundraising and organizing school and family activities.Our purpose is to strengthen the relationship between home and school by promoting and encouraging communications and good relationships among parents, teachers, the administration and the community.

All Kolb parents are automatically members of the PFC and are encouraged to be active participants. We are currently in the planning stages for the programs we will fund annually with your donations and the many events and fun activities sponsored by the PFC.
Please sign up below to receive all of the PFC news!
Sign up here >>>

Contact Nancy Chazen or Natasha Giannini with PFC questions,
if you’re interested in becoming a Kolb PFC Board member, or find out how you can be involved with the PFC!

PFC meetings are once per month and all parents are welcome to attend. If you are interested in knowing more about the PFC, the Board member positions, or joining the PFC Board please let us know!

Important Kolb Dates:

  • Wed, 5/4/11 – Kindergarten Screenings
  • Mon, 8/15/11 – Wed, 8/17/11 – Summer Check-In Packet Pick Up
  • Thurs, 8/18/11 (drop in anytime from 10am-7pm) – Summer Check-In
  • Fri, 8/19/11 (5pm) – Class Lists Posted
  • Wed, 8/24/11 – First Day of School

Kolb Principal Lynn Medici’s Message

A video interview with Principal Medici is available here.

Hello Parents,
We had a very exciting week! Kindergarten registration began for Kolb on March 9th; it was tremendously successful supported by parent volunteers who came to help throughout the day. Thank you EVERYONE! Kindergarten registration continues at Kolb’s temporary office located at Dougherty Elementary School in Room 21. Registration for new students in grades 1-5 begins on Tuesday, April 12th. Children who currently attend Fallon or Green that will  be attending Kolb next year do not need to re-register.

Quite a bit a “action” is happening behind the scenes, including but not limited to, furniture and equipment, instructional materials, enrollment and staffing. The PFC transition team is meeting twice a month to assist in building our school community, school spirit, calendar events and parent involvement.

Construction continues at the Kolb site, please drive by when you get a chance. The buildings that can be clearly seen from Lockhart Street will be the 1st through 5th grade classrooms. The Kindergarten classrooms, which are close to completion are on the other side of the campus.

Please take time to visit the Kolb website for information and updates at <> .

Lynn Medici
Kolb Principal
Phone: 925.833.4270
Fax: 925.833.4279
Visit the Kolb school website for information and updates

The new temporary Kolb office is now open at
Dougherty Elementary School in Room 21.

If your student is currently at Fallon Elementary (Green Elementary – use as needed), they will automatically roll over to the next grade level at Kolb.  Parents do not need to re-register for Kolb.  Only brand new students to the District need to register for Kolb.

Spread the word!

Everyone’s involvement builds pride and spirit and in our awesome community. Forward this email (link at the bottom of this email) to your friends and neighbors attending Fallon or tell them to register online at

Send Us Your Feedback
We’d love to hear from you. You can anonymously place a note in the PFC mailbox in the school office, or email: Nancy Chazen or K-5 comments or
Melinda Reed for 6-8 comments  Comments and suggestions will be addressed at our PFC meetings. Thank you!

Monthly Fallon PFC Meeting  minutes can be found on the PFC website. March minutes will be posted soon.

For more information visit
– Fallon PFC @
– Fallon School @

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