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Critical School Board Votes Tuesday: New High School and Engineering & Science Buildings

June 24, 2019

DUBLIN, CA–If you are parent of a student in Dublin’s public school system, or a local taxpayer interested in education issues, make sure to attend tomorrow’s School Board meeting (Tuesday June 25, 6pm, 7471 Larkdale Avenue). Trustee and Superintendent turnover at the Dublin Unified School District has risked the timely approval of two important projects. Key items up for a vote at Tuesday’s meeting

  • Action item: “Approve Contract Award for Construction of the Dublin High School Engineering & Science Building and Phase 1B Interim Housing Project”
  • Action item: “Approve Site Plan Concept and Educational Program for a Future Comprehensive High School”

The District staff and educators recommend both proposals proceed. If either of these votes fails to pass overcrowding at Dublin High School, and infrastructure capacity issues impacting Engineering & Design Academy and Biomedical Academy students, will continue unmitigated. The District is already unable to serve all of the science and engineering needs due to a lack of physical capacity – a failure to move forward will result in more students being turned away from popular STEM programs.

Dublin High School Biomedical Academy Coordinator and Science Co-Chair Julianne Sundstrom, “Our Biomedical Academy program is serving the students that want to pursue STEM majors in the medical and biological fields. However, we are turning so many students away. This year, my team conducted 208 interviews for 117 openings. We turned away 91 students. We filled all Biomed classes to 36 students in order to take as many as possible. Classes should be capped at 32, but by voluntarily raising our class sizes, this allowed us to take an extra 32 students across 8 sections. Even with doing that, we are turning away 44% of qualified applicants – that’s almost half of the students that want to take these classes.”

Dublin High School Engineering Academy Director Eugene Chou, “More and more students are coming to us with a hunger to learn STEM, pushing our spaces to their capacity, and still we have to turn away hundreds each year. And here is the part that is most difficult. Who are these students that we are turning away and not serving? By creating a deficit in our program, the ones that we lose are the ones that we really want to reach. Recently, a hispanic parent from Fallon reached out to me to let me know that many students are being discouraged from even signing up for our classes because the competition to get in is too great. These are students whose parents will likely NOT come down to the school and demand a spot for their child, but who may be amazing engineers one day if given a chance. When we create scarcity in our educational system, what we start to lose is equal opportunity for ALL.”

Members of the public are invited to share their thoughts during the public comment period (usually limited to three minutes per speaker).

Dublin High School Engineering and Science Building Mocks

Engineering and Science Building

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 4.45.34 PM

New High School Site Plan (proposed)

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