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Dublin High School Senior Awards Night Class of 2012: “I am Dublin High”

May 24, 2012

Class of 2012 Valedictorian Andrew Song

Dublin High School’s annual Senior Awards Night filled Dublin’s Shannon Center with students, parents, educators and members of the Dublin High community. Over $1,800,000 in scholarships and awards were presented Dublin High School Class of 2012 students for their achievements at Dublin High, including 35 merit scholarships for colleges nationwide.

Included in the event was the traditional passing of the gavel ceremony where outgoing senior and student body president Tatum Wheeler (attending UC Berkeley this Fall) introduced incoming student body president Samantha Theard.

Among the many seniors winning awards, Rebecca Beasley was accepted into the highly selective U.S. Air Force Academy. Rebecca was recognized with a special presentation by a representative of the Air Force Academy. Over 12,000 applicants competed for a position in the Academy. The Dublin High School Class of 2012 Valedictorian Andrew Song, who will attend the University of Chicago to study economics, was also awarded a National Merit Scholarship. Raymond Liu, who will be attending Stanford University, was also the recipient of a National Merit Scholarship.

Class of 2012 Student Body President Tatum Wheeler prepared the third annual edition of the popular “I am Dublin High” video (see below) featuring nearly 70 Dublin High School Class of 2012 seniors sharing their post-high school plans (in under 5 minutes). The full list of colleges that offered admission to Dublin High Class of 2012 seniors, which includes Stanford, Brown, Duke, Purdue, US Airforce Academy, every University of California (UC), every CSU campus and many more is available here.

Dublin High Senior Awards Night 2012 Results:

Passing of the Gavel

  • Student Body President 2011-2012: Tatum Wheeler
  • Student Body President 2012-2013: Samantha Theard

Senior Class Officer Recognition

  • Senior Class President: Edward Achziger
  • Senior Class Treasurer: Monica Moorjani
  • Senior Class Secretary: Crystal Fisher

ASB Officer Recognition

  • President: Tatum Wheeler
  • Vice President: Joe Nealon
  • Treasurer: Irma Deljkic
  • Secretary: Lauren Koa
  • School Board Representative: Katelyn Haubert

Jostens Senior of the Year

  • Tatum Wheeler

U.S. Air Force Academy

  • Rebecca Beasley

U.S. Marine Corps

  • Rick Bettencourt
  • Austin Cortez
  • Regin Guevarra
  • Andrew Roosa

U.S. Army

  • Brandon Chavarria

Air Force Math and Science Award

  • Patricia Li
  • Christian Wang

U.S. Army Reserve – National Scholar/Athlete

  • Clint Jackman
  • Noria Mitchell

United States Marine Corps

  • Distinguished Athlete
    • Edward Achziger
    • Shannon Irwin
  • Scholastic Excellence Award
    • Andrew Song
  • Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence
    • Adele Sievers

Dave Burton Scholarship

  • Bowen Chan

Dublin Rotary Student of the Year

  • Bowen Chan

Dublin Lions Club Student of the Month

  • September – Tatum Wheeler
  • October – Joseph Nealon
  • November – Irma Deljkic
  • December – Lauren Koa
  • January – Clint Jackman
  • February – Kacey Borgeson
  • March – Jaime LeQuin
  • April – Rebecca Beasley
  • May – Paolo Cordero
  • June – Chandler Bullock

Dublin Lions Club Student of the Year

  • Clint Jackman
  • Tatum Wheeler

National Daughters of the American Revolution

  • Tatum Wheeler

Diablo Black Men’s Group

  • Demani McFarlin

Dublin Teachers Association Academic Student Scholarship

  • Jason Van Dorn
  • Noria Mitchell
  • Kellen Mitchell

Teresa Herrington Memorial Scholarship, CSEA

  • Rachel Reed
  • Hannah Villanueva
  • Ryan Meadows

Dublin United Soccer League Scholarship

  • Robert Carino

Dee Ronchette-Dublin United Soccer League Scholarship

  • Kyra Esmeyer
  • Katie Somerville

Sally Muhly Award

  • Talor Ingram

Justin & Sara Peelle Student Athlete Scholarship/Mentorship Award

  • Edward Achziger

Dublin High School Alumni Scholarship

  • Noria Mitchell
  • Kellen Mitchell
  • Tatum Wheeler
  • Lacey Platter
  • Katelyn Haubert

Dublin High PFSO Scholarship

  • Clint Jackman
  • Chandler Bullock
  • Ronil Bhatia
  • Alexander Palomares
  • Kristyn Lue
  • Jasmine Bafaiz

Dublin High Irish Guard Band Boosters Scholarship

  • Avijit Dey
  • Rachel Reed
  • Adele Sievers
  • Christian Wang
  • Cecila Wijayang

Dublin High Band Director’s Award

  • William Shiell

Dublin High Athletic Boosters Scholarship

  • Edward Achziger
  • Shirley Chen
  • Shannon Irwin
  • Noria Mitchell
  • Katie Somerville
  • Zachary Tucker
  • Hannah Villanueva

Don Nelson Scholarship

  • Clint Jackman
  • Noria Mitchell

Biletnikoff Foundation Scholarship

  • Crystal Fisher

Cabrillo Civics Club of CA, Inc. Scholarship

  • Tatum Wheeler

College Board – National Hispanic Recognition Program

  • Alexander Palomares

Comcast Leaders & Achievers

  • Christian Wang

Dell Scholarship

  • Thuy Tran

Diablo San Ramon Valley Rotary Club – Wrestling Scholarship

  • Rachael Chinn

Musgrove/Applied Fusion Eagle Scout Scholarship

  • Kyle Dayton

Nestle U.S.A. Scholarship

  • Kyle Dayton

College Scholarships

  • Edward Achziger – Marist College
  • Jacob Adams – University of Puget Sound
  • Jacqueline Amador – Mills College
  • Youjin An – Laguna College of Art and Design
  • Nathaniel Bennett – Arizona State University/Barrett Honors College
  • Ronil Bhatia – University of California, Los Angeles
  • Rebecca Bomfim – California Lutheran University
  • Taylor Bromley – San Jose State University
  • Chandler Bullock – Syracuse University
  • Robert Carino – Maple Woods Community College
  • Kyle Dayton – Brigham Young University
  • Rayna Del Rosario – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Sarah Finn – Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Crystal Fisher – Purdue University, Indiana
  • Meghan Hall – University of San Diego
  • Collin Hartland – Colorado College
  • Katelyn Haubert – Chapman University
  • Louis Hernandez – Elmhurst College, Illinois
  • Shannon Irwin – University of La Verne
  • Elizabeth Jones – St. John’s University, New York
  • Julie Leonard – Oregon State University
  • Jonathan Lin – Wheaton College, Illinois
  • Irene Liu – New York University
  • Kellen Mitchell – University of Nevada, Reno
  • Noria Mitchell – Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Ethan Molinar – Arizona State University
  • Tyler Nevans – Chapman University
  • Nicholas Oto – Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Chelsea Pae – Boston College
  • Alexander Palomares – Santa Clara University
  • Marlana Pierson – Menlo College
  • Adele Sievers – Westmont College
  • Nicole Sonobe – Santa Fe University of Art and Design
  • Shilpa Stanley – Baylor University
  • Matthew Sy – University of San Francisco

Dublin High School Counseling Department

  • Selina Johnson
  • Nicole Price
  • Kristyn Lue
  • Clint Jackman
  • Andrea Crandell

AVID Student Award

  • Alexandra Mace
  • Nicholas Oto
  • Major Stelly

GAEL Achievement Awards

  • Consumer & Family Studies: Lindsay Webber
  • Drama: Christopher Harral
  • English: Kristyn Lue
  • ESL: Seong Hyun Woo
  • Fine Arts: Rachel Antone
  • French: Sara Forsman
  • History: Tatum Wheeler
  • Instrumental Music: William Shiell
  • Journalism: Lauren Koa
  • Mathematics: Nathaniel Bennett
  • Physical Education: Jordan Rose
  • Science: Patricia Li
  • Social Science: Shirley Chen
  • Spanish: Gabrielle Basile
  • Vocal Music: Jessica Rose
  • ROP
    • Nicole Sonobe
    • Brandon Funk
    • Emily Davis

Consumer & Family Studies

  • Jacob Hicks

Department Scholarship

  • Sean Glaser

Outstanding DECA Senior

  • Tyler Nevans
  • Danielle Coleman
  • Ronil Bhatia
  • Vincent O’Brien
  • Andrew Hong

DECA Business Student of the Year

  • Mohit Dhamija

California Scholarship Federation Life Members

Edward Achziger Nicholas Fritter Monica Moorjani
Jasmine Bafaiz Joanna Giron Karina Munjal
Gabrielle Basile Cherie Ha Joseph Nealon
Rebecca Beasley Jacqueline Haddad Tyler Nevans
Ronil Bhatia Meghan Hall Kevin Ngo
Rebecca Bomfim Collin Hartland Chelsea Pae
Kacey Borgeson Nader Hashoush Alexander Palomares
Chandler Bullock Katelyn Haubert Rachel Reed
Bowen Chan Andrew Hong Katherine Somerville
Heather Chen Rosa Hur Andrew Song
Wilbur Cheung Shannon Irwin Shilpa Stanely
Paolo Cordero Clint Jackman Matthew Sy
Andrea Crandell Ladan Khandel Canna Takise
Avril D’Souza Lauren Koa Evangel Tan
Kyle Dayton Julie Leonard Vince Thomas
Irma Deljkic Jamie LeQuin Hannah Villanueva
Rayna Del Rosario Patricia Li Christian Wang
Mohit Dhamija Jonathan Lin Elliot Wang
Matthew Digirolamo Raymond Liu Tatum Wheeler
Kyra Esmeyer Alexander Marshall Cecilia Wijayang
Sarah Finn Mathew Mathai Jeff Wong
Crystal Fisher Anne McDonald Cathy Yuan
Sara Forsman Noria Mitchell Allison Yun
Nathan Fritter David Moldvai

CSF Leadership Scholarship

  • Christian Wang

President’s Silver Award for Educational Achievement

Edward Achziger Joanna Giron Kevin Ngo
Jasmine Bafaiz Winston Gregory Amy Nguyen
Rebecca Bomfim Jacquelyn Haddad Alexander Palomares
Bowen Chan Nader Hashoush Rachel Reed
Paolo Cordero Katelyn Haubert Jessica Rose
Andrea Crandell Andrew Hobson
Brian Cruz Shannon Irwin Jason Van Dorn
Avril D’Souza Ladan Khandel Michah Villanueva
Rayna Del Rosario Alexander Liedahl Jeffrey Wong
Nicolas Fritter Noria Mitchell

President’s Gold Award for Educational Excellence

Gabrielle Basile Alexander Gregory Joseph Nealon
Rebecca Beasley Cherie Ha Tyler Nevans
Nathaniel Bennett Meghan Hall Kevin Ngo
Ronil Bhatia Collin Hartland Vincent O’Brien
Chandler Bullock Christopher Horn Chelsea Pae
Heather Chen Kayley Huff Katherine Somerville
Shirley Chen Rosa Hur Andrew Song
Wilbur Cheung Clint Jackman Shilpa Stanley
Kyle Dayton Lauren Koa Matthew Sy
Irma Deljkic Patricia Li Canna Takise
Mohit Dhamija Jonathan Lin Evangel Tan
Kyra Esmeyer Irene Liu Hannah Villanueva
Sarah Finn Raymond Liu Christian Wang
Crystal Finn Kristyn Lue Tatum Wheeler
Crystal Fisher Mathew Mathai Cathy Yuan
Sara Forsman David Moldvai Allison Yun
Nathan Fritter Monica Moorjani

National Merit Scholarship Finalists

  • Raymond Liu
  • Andrew Song
  • Christian Wang

National Merit Scholarships

  • Raymond Liu
  • Andrew Song


  • Christian Wang


  • Andrew Song

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    May 24, 2012 10:22 am

    Congratulations to DHS Class of 2012!!!! May more of your dreams come true:)


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